AppliCad Products

AppliCad Products

AppliCad has a world wide reputation for developing the best roof estimating software. This is as much to do with our customers as it is the company’s vision. AppliCad’s customers provide input to what functions the software needs to perform and that challenges the AppliCad team to make the software meet the need. AppliCad is arguably the most innovative company in the business having invented many of the processes that roofers now take for granted.

Software that Works! — for every roof, wall and solar system.

Roof Wizard

(for all roof and wall systems, commercial or residential)

TheRoof Wizard software provides professional roofing contractors and estimators with a complete suite of tools for roof modelling, estimating and presentation in three dimensions — developed to handle all your estimating needs in one integrated program — BUR and single ply roofing materials, architectural metal and tiles, shingles or slate. Low slope, steep slope, commercial or residential.

If you are in the metal roofing business (architectual or structural metal roofing, strip, rib, standing seam, panel or corrugated), look no further. This is the roof modelling and take-off software for you. The Roof Wizard program not only quantifies all material for a metal roof, it also optimises the re-use of off-cut material for the roof and the trim. The program also calculates the labour and prints a complete set of reports including the quotation, order form, dimensioned roof drawing, pay claim form etc. all automatically.

In the tile or shingle roofing business? Need to produce instant bids for complex and simple tile, shingle, slate and metal panel roofs etc? This is brilliant software tailored for you, the roofing professional. It quantifies materials by area or course; it also costs labour as well as materials.

The most powerful take-off program for residential siding and commercial cladding -Roof Wizard uses powerful 3D modeling tools to model the walls, add openings such as windows and doors etc. It provides full estimating and reporting capabilities for all types of wall cladding or siding materials, as well as a complete cutting list of trim such as door and window trim, internal and external corners, soffit etc. Flip lay direction, add any shape opening and modify wall shape to land contour all with a few mouse clicks.

Automatic report generation includes the quotation, material list, order forms and wall elevation drawings. Measure wall areas and wall trim lengths.Nothing will do it quicker for you — and it is so easy to use! The high performance report generator then connects all the calculated data and images to report using various options for display in theRoof Wizard in MS Word or MS Excel.

Calculate the Return on Investment for You

AppliCad Products

Ever wondered how much money technology can save you and your business? Having trouble justifying the investment in software or software training? Why don’t you click on the link below? It will take you to our Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator. It demonstrates very clearly how automation of your estimating department does save time and time is money and the benefits flow through the entire organisation — to Inventory, Accounting and Installation.

This little application will demonstrate how much our software can save of your estimator’s time and what that represents in dollar terms. You will be amazed. Indeed, it shows that the investment in the right software will pay for itself in a matter of months — even just a few weeks for a busy office, and that is just in terms of hours saved. Add material cost savings and it really is a ‘no-brainer’. (Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator)

You may be prompted to download a media player, allow the software to do this for you so that you can see the real performance of our software.


(for all solar system planning)

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