Batten (Home) — Definition — Online Encyclopedia

Batten (Home) - Definition - Online Encyclopedia

The manufacturer/supplier of the slate s or tiles will recommend the size of s to be used but typically they are 40 x 20mm (1.5 x inch) sawn timber.


A thin piece of timber that slots into the base hem of a roller shade or Roman shade so that the fabric hangs straight and rigid. Also timber struts nailed vertically to the wall for fabric walling.


Thin lengths of timber to which tiles or slate s are nailed or fixed.

Batten s

Your bearers connect to your posts or house and this makes up the outside structure of the pergola. Then the gable is built on top of this structure. Most rafters will have a bird’s mouth cut in them so they sit on top of the bearers.

. Narrow strip of wood nailed over the vertical joints of boards to form board-and- siding .

Batten. A strip of wood that’s attached to a wall to provide supports for fixing fabric or paneling .

Batting: Thin layers of natural or synthetic cloth used to line cushions, pillow s, quilts or crafts.

(tasseau, m.) A narrow strip of wood used to cover joints between boards or panels.

batter (reculement, m.) A receding upward slope; normally applied to a wall or structural member where the thickness diminishes towards the top.

Batten — A narrow strip of wood or metal used to cover vertical joints between boards or panels, or to provide a cavity between two materials, or to support linings on walls or ceiling s.

a door. This consists of boards nailed together in various ways. The simplest is two layers nailed to each other at right angles, usually with each layer at 4; degrees to the vertical.

- a lesser cross member fixed between two more significant members, such as rafters. in order to give additional support.

Narrow strip of wood. plastic, metal or gypsum board used to conceal an open joint.


BATTEN. thin wood molding used to cover a joint (usually used with siding ).

Small thin strips covering joints between wider boards on exterior building surfaces.

Batten down the hatches for a wild ride in Minnesota, from a lofty crow’s nest to a twisty, tubular slide to a secret passageway and more

Becky Harris 58.

roofing is a type of snap-on metal roofing most often found in rural areas, particularly on barns. This type of roofing is an alternative to shingles and comes in various sizes.

Batten doors are often found on older homes. They are made of boards nailed together in various ways. The simplest is two layers nailed to each other at right angles, usually with each layer at 45° to the vertical.

Wood s and ply board supports, or proprietary netting supports, are constructed between the joists of the suspended wood ground floor. Quilt, loose fibre or rigid board insulation material is then laid on the supports.

Bill Batten /The Interior Archive, from Paint and Paper in Decoration. courtesy of Rizzoli

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Determine the Depth of Color.

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7: A Good Communicator.

The batten is used to create a square edge to work from walls arent always square and shouldnt be used as a starting point for tiling .

Board-N- Shutter s

Standard Board-N- Shutter s are a handsome, solid look that recreates rich Old-World character for a complete range of architect ure styles and exterior materials.

Board and Batten siding and a traditional Dutch door define this attractive. preassembled 6X8-ft. saltbox storage shed from Walpole Woodworkers. Cost: $2,549.


Board and Batten Siding Maintenance

Aluminum Siding Benefits

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Board and " A method of siding in which the joints between vertically placed boards or plywood are covered by narrow strips of wood .

Bottom chord " The lower or bottom horizontal member of a truss .

Once finished batten ing down the hatches, shut every window tightly and then get away from them. Unplug small electrical appliances and power-down your PC. Crank-up the battery-powered radio.

The Lord Mount Tester Bed in the master bedroom is from the British Khaki Collection. Sunburst mirror from John Rosselli Antiques.

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Thomas Loof.

A narrow strip of wood used to cover a joint between boards or to simulate a covered joint for architectural purposes. Bay An opening in a wall .

. (1) cap or cover; (2) in a metal roof. a metal closure set over, or covering the joint between, adjacent metal panels; (3) wood. a strip of wood usually set in or over the structural deck.

cleat a narrow strip of board fastening several pieces together

door a door made of sheathing and reinforced with strips of board nailed crosswise.

Batten (Home) - Definition - Online Encyclopedia

A small sawn or dressed timber or metal member used as an intermediate fixing member between two construction materials.


The formed slope of an excavation or earth bank.

Jake installs a Dutch door he and his brothers made for the 2-story clubhouse they built.

Reverse board and is sometimes used but is harder to control cupping and Beaded Siding

07 41 13.19 (07413) -Seam Metal Roof Panels

07 41 13.23 (07414) Insulated Metal Roof Panels

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Now, affix the wooden s along the starting line as a guide, using a framing square to ensure s form 90 degree angles.

Apply adhesive to tile .

Board-and- Wall cladding of shot-edge boards with the joints covered by timber s. Bow A curved shape such as a bay window Brace or Bracing A structural member fix at an angle to horizontal or vertical members, e.g.

The handsome exterior is constructed with board and siding. standing seam metal roofing. and stone accents on the porch and chimney. Within this compact and simple design. you’ll find a comfortable and welcome vacation retreat.

Glue and nail s on the door as shown in Figure D. Shim the doors into the opening and then install face-mounted hinge s with painted lag screws.

Make all final measurements for your hardware to cut the mounting board, s and weight rod because after sewing the finished shade width and finished shade length may be slightly different from the design plan.

If you screw the boards across each plank, then the plank movement will be checked and thus lead to the wood cracking. Cracks in the woods would also lead to cracks in the paint which would allow moisture in and a quick demise to the shutter s.

In addition to being the granddaughter of Lord Louis Mount (Britain’s last Viceroy in India) and godchild of Prince Charles, the onetime model and longtime Ralph Lauren muse is also the offspring of famed interior decorator David Hicks.

Do quilts and burg lace remind you of a simpler time? Why not try a simple country chic room with your favorite antique quilt as your comforter matched with burg lace sheet s and pillow shams.

The board-and- -style shutter s have an informal and country feel. For the flower boxes, you can try wood or wrought iron. Whichever type you choose, you will be adding more dimension, color and interest to your home .

Using time-tested, durable materials with crisp lines, such as James Hardie board-and- siding. plank-style shutter s, and a standing-seam metal roof. creates a simple silhouette that won’t tire over time.

Clad in horizontal board and wood siding naturally weathered into a grey patina te on its roof and two lengths.

They are also molded and offered in a variety of design s including the Bahama, louver ed, board and ed and raised panel window shutter styles.

Next, build the doors from 1 x 6 tongue-and-groove cedar boards and s cut from 1x stock. Attach the s with 1-1/2-in. screws, and hang the doors with heavy-duty strap hinge s.

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