Brisbane Metal Roofing Services

Brisbane Metal Roofing Services

Roofing Brisbane clients, whether they are commercial, residential or industrial, are extremely satisfied with all services of Brisbane Re-Roofing. Meeting the highest safety standards of the Building Code of Australia ( ), this versatile roof repairs Brisbane business is fully licensed and insured with BSA Licence #1057109.

Asbestos Removal – The metal roofing Brisbane specialists at Brisbane Re-Roofing have an Asbestos Removal Licence and are knowledgeable about hazardous asbestos removal. Services include testing and sample removal, plus disposal of materials that contain asbestos. These roof repairs Brisbane experts will look for asbestos in the sheets used in flashings or walls, roof shingles and other areas where asbestos can be found.

Whirlybird Installation – Brisbane Re-Roofing are well skilled in whirlybird installations into metal roofing applications. They will provide assistance in ensuring that the roof ventilators are placed in the right locations on the roof to provide you with the best performance and ensure that a weatherproof seal is applied to your roof as well.

Skylights – The skylights Brisbane customers have often used for their roofs can be installed by the roofing Brisbane experts who are knowledgeable about skylight installation and will provide insight as to placement as well. Skylights come in a variety of styles that include traditional square, rectangular or round, but you can also have a custom made skylight or one that provides you with an open hatch for easy access. If you have an existing skylight that is in need of repairs or renovations, our roof repairs Brisbane specialists can also assist you.

Roof Repairs and Installation – The roof repairs Brisbane specialists at Brisbane Re-Roofing can provide you with all your roof repair needs. Whether you have leaks, missing shingles or other types of repair required, these roofing Brisbane experts can help. If you need roof restoration, metal roof sheeting, or new energy efficient roofing, you can be assured of quality and low maintenance materials, along with a straightforward approach that will solve all your roofing needs.

New Guttering and Repairs – The metal roofing Brisbane experts at Brisbane Re-Roofing are knowledgeable about gutters, whether you need new gutters or have need of repairs to those that are loose or broken. These roofing Brisbane specialists can install new guttering, remove old ones as necessary and replace or repair as required.

Brisbane Metal Roofing Services

Roof Insulation – The metal roofing Brisbane professionals at Brisbane Re-Roofing specialise in roof insulation and sheeting that is energy efficient and low maintenance. Whether it is for a home or a business, roof insulation will help to stabilize temperatures and improve energy. Roof insulation also will prevent interior condensation so that the inside is more comfortable all year round.

Roof Sheeting – The roofing Brisbane specialists at Brisbane Re-Roofing are knowledgeable about roof sheeting and are the recommended installers of Colorbond, Lysaght and Fielders. They can offer a variety of types of roof sheeting, along with many styles that are very attractive. Plus, they are available in appealing shapes and colors to add beauty to your roof. With all of your roof sheeting you get a BlueScope 25 year warranty.

Downpipes Supply & Installation — Apart of our roofing Brisbane services, we also supply and install downpipes. We will ensure that your new downpipe(s) perfectly match your existing ones and have them installed to follow the exact lines of your eves and walls. Using only quality materials such as Bluescope Steel, you can relax in the knowledge that your downpipes will last for many years to come.

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