Commercial Metal Roofing

Commercial Metal Roofing

As Energy Use Heats Up, Metal Roofing Offers a Cool Solution.

While much information is available regarding the benefits of metal roofing for residential use, commercial property owners can also benefit from commercial metal roofing, enjoying energy conservation and the opportunity to contribute to a greener planet.

Commercial Metal Roofing Benefits Your Budget

The main benefit of metal roofing for commercial use is reduced heating and cooling costs for the property owner. Utility companies are becoming increasingly interested in cool metal roofing too, recognizing that these state-of-the-art commercial metal roofing materials reduce peak energy demands in warm weather, preventing the usual power disruptions.

Metal Roofing is Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally speaking, commercial metal roofing is a terrific value in terms of durability, longevity, dollar-for-dollar costs, minimal maintenance and avoidance of landfill waste, since metal is 100-percent recyclable. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) estimates an Energy-Star labeled commercial metal roof can reduce roof temperatures by as much as 100° F, due in part to special coatings used specifically in the metal roofing industry. Tax advantages  for commercial use of Energy-Star labeled products encourage building owners to conserve energy with cool metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Options are Plentiful

Commercial metal roofing materials are available in many profiles, colors and materials, including:

    Galvalume® Copper-galvanized Aluminum Kynar 500 / Hylar5000® coatings

Most commercial metal roofs offer warranties from 20 to 50 years.

Commercial metal roofs are also available in a range of concealed fastener systems with mechanical lock and snap-lock assembly, including double-lock, batten seam, and t-panel.

The double-lock standing seam system  is a premium roofing system, UL listed for wind and fire resistance, and rated class 4 for impact resistance. The batten seam and t-panel are snap-together systems best for curved roof applications. Exposed fastener systems are best for commercial metal roofing applications such as warehouses, and are highly cost-effective, although perhaps not the most sturdy option.

Why Choose Metal Roofing for a Commercial Building?

Aesthetics:  Commercial metal roofs can look good and are available in a broad variety of colors and designs .

Commercial Metal Roofing

Safety:  Metal roofing is non-combustible, providing fire, wind and impact resistance and high ratings from the Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

Low Maintenance:  Metal roofs are long lasting and resist decay, discoloration and mildew, for a maintenance-free commercial roofing solution.

Extreme Performance:  Metal roofing offers ultra-performance in conditions of water, ice shedding and snow and is hail resistant.

Green Incentives:  Existing roofs can be re-roofed with metal without contributing tons of waste to our countrys landfills.

Value:  Metal roofing is quickly becoming the choice for increasing building value.

Energy Efficiency:  Standing seam metal roofs can be easily insulated with a radiant barrier effect, using fiberglass and foam block to reduce energy costs and noise.

Commercial building owners must consider a variety of opposing factors when choosing the right commercial metal roofing material: life cycle, maintenance and repair costs, replacement, resale value, recycle-friendly materials and other concerns. When all of these factors, along with aesthetic desires, are considered, metal roofing is an obviously superior solution.

For commercial building owners, metal roofing is an exceptional value, a first-class product offering longevity, permanence and competitive pricing.

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