Commercial Roofing Supply Roofing and Waterproofing Materials.

Commercial Roofing Supply Roofing and Waterproofing Materials.

We represent the following quality commercial roofing manufacturers, and fully support their product lines:

Soprema USA: Roofing and waterproofing systems

Antirock, SBS modified roofing systems, PVC roofing, PV Solar roof integrated panels, below grade waterproofing systems, PMMA liquid applied roof coatings, and green roofs.

Soprema is an international, multi-billion dollar roofing manufacturer with decades of roof manufacturing experience, produces worlds best SBS modified bitumen roofing products, and some of the longest lasting PVC roofing sheet with up to 25 years warranty.

IB Roof PVC Roofing systems

Fully adhered, ballasted and mechanically attached PVC roofing systems. PV SolarWise solar systems, DeckShield roof deck waterproofing membrane, and low-slope IB Traditions roofing membrane with architectural shingles texture.

IB Roof Systems has been manufacturing and supplying its PVC roofing materials since 1978, and hes extensive experience and spotless track record of producing flat roofing membranes with hot-air welded seams, that remains leaks free and fully pliable even after 30 years on the roof. IB Roof Systems provides some of the best commercial roofing warranties, including No Dollar Limit (NDL) labor and materials warranty of up-to 25 years on commercial roofs and is the only manufacturer in the flat roofing industry to provide lifetime residential roofing material warranty.

Bemo USA metal roofing systems

Mechanically attached metal roof systems and Uniline safety rail systems. Bemo USA is uniquely positioned among smaller metal roofing manufacturers, to supply continuous pre-engineered standing seam roofing panels, manufactured on the job site to the exact required length, which can easily exceed 300 continuous feet of metal roofing panel.

Bemos special mobile manufacturing unit brings all the roll-forming equipment and metal coil to your job site, where a crane lifts the trailer to the roof level, and the roll-former make the panel and places it directly onto the roof. This manufacturing process allows us to supply a panel as long as the metal coil, and eliminates and panels splices and seams, known to cause roof leaks.

We can produce you panels in galvanized steel, stainless steel, painted aluminum in .032 and .040. Specially pre-installed mounting clips allow for additional insulation to be installed directly under the metal roofing panels and the roof panels snap in and lock into mounting clips, after which a special robotic crimper, crimps the locks together to complete me roof installation.

Bemos featured roof projects include Boston Convention Center roof, Watertown Mall roof, MIT science center roof, and many other high profile roof installations, including the new Dubai International Airport roof in United Arab Emirates.

Adco / WTT Insulation Adhesive

Weathertite sealants, pitch-pockets and insulation adhesives.

RoofBlok roof-top paver systems

Roof pavers for weatherproofing application, will help you turn your unused roof space into a roof deck for your employees to enjoy beautiful sunny days on lunch brakes, and will protect your roof against damaging foot traffic.

Marathon Roofing Accessories, Tools and Supplies

Marathon is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of roofing accessories, including roof drains, HVAC as skylight curbs, roof hatches, fall protection systems, roof removal and installation tools, trash shoots, roof penetration flashings, roof vents, and many other commercial flat roofing accessories.

Roofing Calculator mobile Roof Estimating Software for iPhone and Android:

Roofing Calculator is made for roofing contractors and roof estimators / salesmen to speed up and simplify a roofing estimate process and provides you a complete list of roofing prices for roofing materials, roof installation labor and total roofing cost.

To get Roofing Calculator app go to App Store on your iPhone or iPad or Market app on Android device, and search for roofing calculator. This roof calculator will be on top of your search and costs only $19.99.

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