For a reliable roof for your warehouse, apartment building, strata, or office building, you need to ensure you hire a reputable and professional roofing company.

For commercial and industrial clients, roofing is very much about a long-standing investment.  A poor investment in your property can lead to financial problems in the future.  Whereas consulting with a professional company and getting roofing installed with the most trusted materials and skilled roofers is the only worthwhile approach when it comes to something as important as the roof of your building.

Facing a major expense or capital investment, how can you be sure that youre making the right decision?

For starters, you need to educate yourself on your choices.  Whether thats by your own research or speaking with an experienced roofer, getting all the facts for what your situation needs is critical. Factors such as the unique needs of your property, budget, expected outcomes and issues such as warranties all matter.

3 Consequences of a Bad Commercial Roofing Decision

    Premature Roof Replacement

You dont want to have to replace a roof that should have lasted longer.  Even if the warranty is still good and your roof is not, the hassle, time and energy spent on replacing something that should not have needed replacing is not worth it.

A bad roofing decision can also not be covered by warranty depending on installation and/or factors.   Dont face this problem down the road when it can be avoided by practicing due diligence in how you select your roofing company and ensure that only the best practices and materials are being used.

When repair expenses are not budgeted for, your investment can take a hit.  Ensuring that you know what kind of maintenance the roofing you select requires is critical.  When repairs, however, are due to faulty materials or shoddy installment/repair work, these expenses mean a direct hit to your investment.

Unexpected repair expenses can be avoided or minimized by ensuring you get the best roofing you require.

    Unhappy or Injured Occupants/Lessees

Along with being a property owner comes responsibility to your tenants and other occupants. Dealing with aggravated occupants or worse yet, people have been injured, is not something you want to result from your bad decision making.  Take advantage of the knowledge of a skilled roofing installation or repair company by making sure you have all the facts you need about maintenance, lifespan of roofing materials. and other critical issues.


By not dealing with roofing issues proactively, you may even be looking at lawsuits down the road not something anybody wants to deal with. Ensure you dont find yourself in unpleasant and costly situations.  Make good decisions now, and your investment will continue to work for you many years down the line.

Dont Overlook These Factors:

Investment Objective What is the availability and cost of capital needed? What kinds of maintenance and repair considerations should you keep in mind?

Property Use

    Will there be any roof traffic other than routine maintenance? Consider all types of maintenance access required such as HVAC and other building upkeep and equipment in addition to roof maintenance itself. How important are the aesthetics of the roof for the particular function of the building?  Will clients see the structure?  If a residential building. what kind of return may be desired? What kind of uses will this particular building be put through? What are the unique requirements of this building with regard to function?

Location of Property

    The climate and environment in which a building resides dictates the advantages and disadvantages of many types of roofing materials.  For instance, in a wet and temperate climate such as North Vancouver, factors such as mold and moss growth play a large part in roofing considerations.  Earthquake prone areas are also a consideration. Local building codes and restrictions are also to be kept in mind as these may dictate certain decisions. A professional roofing company can advise as to what will impact your property, if any.

Building Construction

    When heavy types of roofing materials are considered, the construction of the building may limit the use of some of these. The type of roof deck needs to be looked at, as well as the support system of the building. When re-roofing only, as opposed to new installation, the condition of the existing roof is important. Lastly, what kind of insulation needs are required for the particular commercial or industrial building in question?

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