Cool Metal Roofing has great Benefits, Safety and Aesthetics properties

Cool Metal Roofing has great Benefits, Safety and Aesthetics properties

Cool metal roofing is a roofing product that offers a number of benefits for office and home properties. It is a low-cost, long-lasting option, and it also has many environmental advantages over other types of building materials. The term cool metal roofing refers to metal roof systems that have been specifically designed to reduce energy usage by controlling the buildings internal temperature. Read on to find out how the technology works and why you might consider using cool metal roofing on your property.

Benefits of Cool Metal Roofing

When it comes to keeping your home or workplace at a pleasant temperature, the material used on the roof is of paramount importance. Cool metal roofing reflects sunlight, which makes it a great choice for use in hot climates, where buildings can quickly become overheated under the glare of the sun. In addition, cool metal roofing radiates strongly in the infrared region of the spectrum; in simple terms, this means that it emits heat from the building so that the temperatures within stays pleasantly cool, even on a hot day. Buildings with metal roofs have a heat load which is on average 30% lower than those of buildings topped with other types of roofing materials.

  • Reflects Sunlight with cool pigment technology
  • Radiates in the Infrared Region
  • Heat load is 30% less than other roofing materials
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Heat/Cool more efficiently
  • Made from at least 25% recycled materials

New developments in nanotechnology mean that some modern metal roofs are now better than ever at reflecting sunlight. Cool pigment technology uses organic molecules which respond to sunlight: the more sunlight shines on them, the more effectively they reflect. By installing cool metal roofing, you can therefore significantly reduce the financial and environmental costs of air-conditioning your home or office during the summer.

Keep Heat In with Cool Metal Roofing

The sun doesnt always shine. On cold days, you would probably rather keep heat in your house than reflect it away. The good news is that you can install insulation underneath your metal roof to keep heat inside your house. This combination of a reflective outer surface with internal insulation keeps the interior temperature of the house as stable as possible, stopping that annoying problem of homes heating up to uncomfortable temperatures during the day and then quickly getting cold as night draws in. When you insulate your property as part of your metal roofing system, you reduce the amounts you spend on both cooling and heating your home.

Cool metal roofings long life is great for the planet

Metal roofing is extremely durable and can last for decades or even centuries without needing to be replaced; indeed, some metal roofs from the 1800s are still in good condition today. In fact, most types of metal roofing made today are guaranteed to last for 20 or even 50 years.

The metal roofing manufacturers are able to make this promise to customers thanks to metals ability to withstand heat, rain, snow, wind, and other adverse weather conditions. When you install metal roofing, you can be fairly certain that you will not need to repeat the job any time soon. This durability also makes metal roofing a very cost-effective option. Although metal might not be the cheapest roofing material on the market, the cost per year is much lower than other materials which would need to be replaced more frequently.

The long life span of metal roofs is great news for the environment, as it means that no further resources need to be used to replace the roof once it is in place. If a metal roof is removed, for whatever reason, it can be recycled. Cool metal roofing is made from at least 25% recycled materials, meaning that it is a sustainable choice of building material.

Safety of Cool Metal Roofing Materials

Metal is resistant to fire, meaning that the roof will resist the spread of a blaze from inside the building, and it will also not catch light if nearby buildings are on fire. Most metal roofs on the market today meet Class A, B, and C fire ratings, which makes them suitable for residential and commercial use.

Metal roofing also has a very low weight per square foot. This is an important safety feature in areas that are prone to earthquakes. In an earthquake, there is a danger of the roof falling in or sliding off the building, potentially causing injury or damage to surrounding property. Metals low weight also makes it a good choice as roofing for very old buildings, which may not have the strength to support heavier roof systems.

Aesthetics and Look of Cool Metal Roofing

Metal roofs come in a variety of colors and textures, which means that a suitable metal roofing system can be found for almost any property. Click here to view metal roof colors .


The benefits of metal roofing are numerous, making it a smart choice for almost all buildings. Cool metal roofing uses advanced technology to deliver extra cooling benefits, which could reduce energy bills and help to limit your households carbon footprint.

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