Costs and Benefits of Tile, Foam, Shingle, and Metal Roofing Phoenix, Arizona Roofing

Costs and Benefits of Tile, Foam, Shingle, and Metal Roofing Phoenix, Arizona Roofing

When it comes to deciding upon a roofing material, there are several options available on the market today. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as geographical areas where they work best. Places like Arizona have roofing needs that are very specific, due to the dry climate. That is why it is so important for a buyer to be well versed on the costs and benefits on various styles of roofing so that they can make the best choice possible for their home or office.

Rest assured that no matter in you are in Phoenix, Arizona or Anchorage, Alaska that there is a type of roofing that especially designed to fit your needs.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is one of the oldest forms of roofing available today. The process of using clay tiles to create a roof have been used since Roman times. Predominantly used to keep out rain, the tiles used for roofing are often made from local clay. These tiles are then covered with a waterproof outer coating.

The popularity of tile roofing has grown over the last several years, as more styles and colors have become available other than the red clay or Spanish tile that is most widely known.

Because of the spacing techniques used with tile roofing better air circulation is achieved, which in turn can help lower heating and cooling costs.

Cost: While one of the more expensive methods of roofing, Tile roofing has the remarkably long shelf life to offset the cost. It is also considered relatively low maintenance, both physically and financially.

Benefits: Tile roofing is one of the longest lasting roofing materials in existence. Most tile roofing is offered with a fifty year warranty on color quality as well as protection. Tile has been proven to lower heating and cooling costs as well.

Foam Roofing

Polyurethane foam roofing is a style of roofing that is sprayed on. It is more popular in business and industrial setting than it is on homes. Sprayed polyurethane foam roofing made from a combination of two substances that are fed through a machine called a proportioner which heats and feeds the two components into a spray gun. Because it is sprayed onto the roof as a liquid, it forms a single continuous structure that is seamless and very stable.

This style of roofing is popular for multiple reasons. Because it is sprayed on, there are virtually no surfaces it cannot be applied to. Because some shapes of roofs are difficult to roof over, this can make it a wise choice for those with intricate roof shapes and styles. Because of its low energy costs, foam roofing is popular with Arizona roofing companies.

Cost: For businesses and industrial complexes, foam roofing is a relatively low cost installation. It is not often used in residential situations, though it is possible to do so. The cost of foam roofing is off set by the remarkably long shelf life and very small amount of maintenance needed. When it comes to pricing, foam roofing is somewhere in the median of prices.

Benefit: In areas of extreme heat or cold, where energy bills are especially high like Arizona, foam roofing can help to lower energy costs up to thirty percent. Because of the installation process, it also weighs considerably less than most other forms of roofing available. Foam roofing is also a good choice for any building that may have unusual architecture, as the spraying process makes it more likely for foam roofing to create a strong and permanent seal on the more complex shapes available in roofing today. The likelihood of leaks is smaller with foam roofing, as the process makes for one continuous sheet instead of the multiple pieces of most other styles of roofing.

Shingle Roofing

Easily the most common form of roofing available, asphalt shingles are what adorn most houses in any given neighborhood. Relatively inexpensive and sturdy, shingle roofing has long been the norm when it comes to housing. Made of a mixture of asphalt fiberglass, small square sheets of shingles are layered on top of one another across the buildings exterior, helping to protect from rain and other natural weather patterns.

The price of the shingles can be offset by the amount of maintenance involved. Asphalt shingle roofing requires more care than some of the newer or more expensive styles of roofing, and does not last for as many years. The shingle style of roofing is still weather resistant and sturdy, making it the best choice for home and business owners whose number one concern is price.

Cost: Easily the most inexpensive type of roofing available on the market. shingle style roofing often dominates for this very reason. Though it is not as cost effective in the long run. Because it requires more maintenance, shingle style roofing may incur more costs in later years than in the beginning.

Benefit: Because of its low cost, shingle roofing makes itself available to most any home owner of business. Despite the upkeep required, asphalt shingle roofing is still very reliable. With proper upkeep and care, a shingle style roof can last for up to twenty years. Even with upkeep costs, shingle style roofing is still one of the most inexpensive available.

Metal Roofing

Though previously used in mostly commercial and industrial installations, metal roofing has gained popularity amongst home owners in recent years. Metal roofing has proved itself versatile in many situations, with the ability to be manufactured in any color as well as the ability to make metal roofing that mimics other popular styles of roofing while stile maintaining the reliability of metal roofing.

When it comes to different styles of roofing, metal roofing has proved itself one of the most stalwart styles available. The life span of a metal roof is surpassed only by that of ceramic tile roofing, with most metal roofs offering at least a fifty year warranty. Whether it is the heat of the Phoenix sun or the heavy snow of Denver, metal roofing is versatile and perfect for use in most climates.

The one place where metal roofing is not recommended is coastal areas. Because of the salt in the sea air, metal roofing has been known to rust easier in this type of climate than say in an Arizona roofing situation.

Cost: Like ceramic tile roofing, metal roofing is some of the most expensive on the market. This cost however is offset by the long life span of the roofing, and the very little upkeep that is required. The costs are not all that much different from maintaining a shingle style roof, but instead of paying for upkeep throughout the years, with metal roofing almost all of the cost is upfront.

Benefit: A fifty plus year life span is the average life span for a metal style roof. Incredibly durable and long lasting, a metal style roof can withstand some of the most fickle and intense weather that plagues most climates. Energy efficiency is also raised with metal roofing.

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