Elastomeric Roof Coating

Elastomeric Roof Coating

Chemical Resistance

Gasoline- some softening and spotting

Lubricating Oil-some spotting

11.73 grams/l

Surface Preparation: Surfaces should be clean, dry, and free of dust, dirt and oily residues. Remove loose rust from metal, and wipe new galvanized metal with acidic acid solution prior to application. Metacrylics Clear Acrylic Base is self-priming, no primer is needed. New concrete must be fully cured. New glazed asphalt and torch down single ply assemblies should wait 6 months or more before application.

Spray Application & Coverage Rates. Apply CLEAR Base @ 3 gallons/100 sq. ft. embed polyester fabric, then immediately apply CLEAR Base @ 2 gallons/100 sq. ft. over the polyester fabric. (total 5 gallons/100 sq. ft.) using a .035 spray tip. Allow 24-48 hours drying time. Hints: Don’t spray on windy days! Use barricades around the job. Visqueen all skylights, etc. not to be coated. Be sure to have 1/2 a barrel of water to flush the pump & hose when finished. Be sure to have extra tips and TSL Throat Seal Liquid. Carefully pour a 1/4" layer of water over the drum of Clear Base to prevent skinning over.

Roller Application & Coverage Rates: Apply CLEAR Base @ 3 gallons/100 sq. ft. embed polyester fabric, then immediately apply CLEAR Base @ 2 gallons/100 sq. ft. over the polyester fabric. (total 5 gallons/100 sq. ft.). Allow 24-48 drying time. Overlap sidelaps and endlaps 3". Use a 9" semi-rough surface roller cover for application of the Base and polyester fabric.

HINTS: Allow 24-48 hours drying time or dry enough to walk on. Cold temperatures slow down drying time. Start early, stop early! Application in hot temperatures should be avoided or blistering of the coating may occur. If any Acrylic Base is left over, apply additional coats until all product is used. 5 gallons per 100 sq. ft. is necessary to prevent delamination in ponding areas and to maintain superior performance under UV and freezing conditions.

Clean-Up: Clean tools and equipment with water. Cured material may be removed with amyl acetate, hand cleaner, or lacquer thinner. Do not use these materials (except hand cleaner) on bare skin. THINNING: Thin with water if necessary.

Storage: Store in areas where temperature remains above 40o F. Prior to use agitate for 2-3 minutes by hand or machine. Reseal opened containers. If contents skin, remove skin, agitate, use immediately. If the product has been stored for a months (or years), remove any surface skin that may have developed, stir, and immediately use.

Do Not Apply if rain or freezing weather is imminent within 24 hours following application, or during fog or drizzle. This product is water-based and could wash off if not fully cured.

Elastomeric Roof Coating

Keep Away From Children.

Do Not Apply when temperatures are consistently below 40o F. The Acrylic Base dries slowly when temperatures are below 55o F. Areas shaded from sunlight dry very slowly. 72 hours or more may be required for proper curing. DO NOT thin or add solvents. PROTECT materials from freezing & extreme heat.

CAUTION! Wet acrylic is extremely slippery when stepped on. Always use a safety rope on sloped surfaces. STIR the Metacrylics Clear BASE before any application! The Acrylic Colors, normally, dont need to be stirred before application. Do not stir the Gel.


Metacrylics products must be applied and installed according to written specifications from the manufacturer. Metacrylics assumes no liability for failures of this roof/deck system resulting from deviation from manufacturer’s written specification, poor workmanship, or delamination of an existing underlying roof/deck membrane. The manufacturer makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, concerning this roof/deck system, if it is not used according to manufacturer’s specifications.

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