Help topics on roof repairs in Sydney

Help topics on roof repairs in Sydney

How do I get a quote for my roof work?

I provide a free written roofing quote for the majority of my work.

The best way is to contact me via my my contacts page. This means that you can give me all your details without me getting anything wrong. Then I will get back to you as soon as I am able to arrange for a suitable time to come out to take a look at the roof and its problems.

You can ring me on 97460178 Be prepared to leave a message because I am usually out most of the day and will not be able to answer the phone.

You can ring me or SMS me on my mobile 0416264681. This is for more urgent matters although be prepared to leave a message on my mobile also. I do not answer my phone when I am driving or if I am in the middle of something (which is most of the time). I will get back to you as soon as I can.

How much does it cost to get a quote?

My roofing quotes are all FREE to all my clients. This is quite common in the industry although I have heard of people charging for quotes

I will drive out to your house;

spend as much time as it takes to examine your roof to find out what the possible causes of the roofing problems are;

take detailed measurements and photos as required;

then spend time estimating the cost to fix the roofing problem and finally submitting a written quote for the work to be done.

I would be lying if I said that all this does not cost a cent!

In reality, all these costs are factored into the total price to fix the roof. So, the funny thing is that if you accept my quote then the cost of the quote has been factored into the price, and you pay for it. But if you do not accept the quote, then you are only up for your time that you have spent to show me the roofing problem.

It may not seem fair but it is just another of lifes jokes.

how soon do I get a quote?

Normally, it is about a week from when you make an enquiry to when I get onto your roof to do an inspection. They you will normally get an emailed quote a couple of days later.

Times can be shorter when I can pop over to look at your roof problem if I happen to be in your area. When we are hit by a rainy spell or hit by hail it will take much longer. I do all roofing quotes myself   so my quoting capacity is limited to a few hours a day.

I keep  my roofing lead time page  regularly updated and you will get some idea there on when we can work on your roof and also lead times for quotes.

Do you do emergency repair work?

My workers are not trained for emergency repair work during or after a storm situation. I can organise them to attend to roofing emergencies after the storm event but that is not really emergency response work.

I am too busy to be doing emergency work myself (except for exceptional clients).

This means that ..NO we do not do emergency response work on roofs.

If you are in an emergency situation, it is best to contact the local SES.  They are better trained and resourced to respond to emergency roof repair work. We can come in to do the permanent repair work once the storms have subsided and the situation is back to Normal.

What do you specialise in?

We do not do all types of roofing work.

We do not do slate roofs.

We do not do new tile roofs.

We do not do membrane roofs.

We do not paint roofs.

We do not work for Construction companies.

We do not do big factory roofs.

We do not replace large FACTORY asbestos cement roofs.

. BUT we do the following:

  • Find and fix leaks on tile and metal roofs.
  • Replace tile roofs with colorbond metal roofs.
  • Replace old metal roof with colorbond roofs.
  • Replace old RESIDENTIAL bonded asbestos cement roof with colorbond roofs.
  • Replace rusty box gutters with colorbond box gutters.
  • Provide special flashings to skylights and problem roofs.
  • Replace polycarbonate and fibreglass roofing to awnings and main roofs.

It also means that we will do guttering and downpipes with our colorbond roof replacements. We can do insulation with new colorbond roofs. and we do specials with special clients

Do you do residential or commercial roofs?

My main work is on residential roofs. We like the variety and complexity of the roofing problems that we come across in the residential roofing sector. New commercial roofs are too one dimensional for us although we welcome the challenges of fixing commercial roofs also.

I do some new small commercial roofs. And we do repair work to any size commercial roof.

How long is your warranty?

All Colorbond and zincalume roofing materials are provided by the Bluescope Lysaght through their various rollformers.

So there is no difference between any roofer when we talk about warranty on materials. Bluescope provides warranties ranging from 25 to 35 years and I think that they vastly underestimate the lifespan of their colorbond materials.

The roof tile companies offer 50 year warranties.

The polycarbonate companies offer a lifetime warranty on their polycarbonate roofing. You will find application links to these companies warranties below

. But I find that the problem is not in the materials warranty, it is in the workmanship warranty.

Our standard workmanship warranty is 7 years instead of the now statutory warranty period set by the NSW Fair Trading of 2 Years.

That means that we own a lot of roofs in Sydney. They are our responsibility if it ever leaks.

Are you registered and insured?

The Roofing Professionals Westside is a trading name of ADVCON Pty Ltd which holds Workers Compensation Insurance with Employers Mutual and Public Liability Insurance with Zurich

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