How a Pergola Roof Can Make Your Back Yard More Beautiful

How a Pergola Roof Can Make Your Back Yard More Beautiful

In late medieval and early Renaissance gardens pergolas linked pavilions, extended from a buildings door or provided shelter from direct sunlight for an isolated terrace or pool.  Pergolas have vertical posts or pillars that support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice roof.  Freestanding pergolas provide sitting areas that allow for breeze and light sun while still protecting inhabitants from the harsh glare of direct sunlight.  There are several ways a pergola roof can mak e your back yard more beautiful.

The best spot for a pergola in modern backyards is nearly anywhere.  But the most common locations are over a hot tub, alongside a pool, over an outdoor dining area or next to an outdoor fireplace.  Some homeowners have created dramatic entrances to their gardens or backyards by constructing pergolas at the gate.  Pergolas are perfect for climbing vines and provide shade on hot summer days.

Pergolas have traditionally been constructed out of wood such as pressure-treated pine, teak, redwood and cedar.  But wood pergolas require sealing and staining and for this reason many homeowners are choosing to build their pergolas with aluminum, vinyl, composite or plastic lumber materials.  Easier to maintain, these products mimic the appearance, color and texture of wood, but aren’t susceptible to insect damage or rot, weather much better and are virtually maintenance-free.

Pergolas can be constructed from a pre-fabricated kit out of wood, aluminum or vinyl or by an experienced contractor.  Working with an experienced contractor allows you to control the size, shape, material, color and columns.  Building a custom pergola also allows you to control how much sunlight filters through.

How a Pergola Roof Can Make Your Back Yard More Beautiful

Many homeowners select columns or posts that match the architecture of their home, adding to the overall style of their yard.  Whether you prefer a Mediterranean or Victorian look, using vinyl materials to build your pergola gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of architectural styles.  Whatever style you choose, it should define your outdoor space and create a destination for family and friends.  Homeowners have turned average pergolas into stunning backyard features by growing climbing plants either directly in the ground or from containers.  Others have built benches and planters into the pergola.  For nighttime entertaining, rope lighting or white Christmas tree lights creates a beautiful effect.  While others want their pergola to be a private sanctuary, accomplishing this by draping fabric near each post or adding garden lattice to one or more sides.  In fact, this technique is used with many pergolas that shelter hot tubs, using privacy panels, half-walls or walls that are solid half way up and using shutters or shades to cover the top half.  This allows you to enjoy the world around you while protecting you from the elements.

For a modern Asian flair, use tropical bamboo lighting for your pergola’s lights.  For a modern arbor look, use putty gray colored roof materials with white columns.  With a stream running under the stone patio, taking up very little space, a small garden and combination pergola and stream make a smart addition.

Pergolas can turn ordinary backyards into the extraordinary.  Available in a wide variety of materials and architectural styles, pergolas provide shade on a hot summer’s day or ambiance for entertaining guests at night.

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