How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost Pricing By Manufacturer, Wholesaler

How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost Pricing By Manufacturer, Wholesaler

Metal roofing prices range from $1.25-$12 per square foot. Cost varies depending on many factors: the type and style of the roof, location, and where it is purchased from. Metal roof cost is cheapest if homeowners use basic steel interlocking shingles; basic steel interlocking shingles cost $1.25-$3 per square foot. Prices for corrosion resistant steel sheets run from $4-$8 per square foot and aluminum metal sheets cost from $4-$7 per square foot. Prices for high-end metal roofs like cooper or zinc costs from $9-$12 per square foot. Prices are also affected by location; areas with a low cost of living have cheaper prices than areas with a high cost of living do. In addition, prices are affected by where the roof is purchased from; prices are cheaper from a wholesaler or direct from the manufacturer than from a normal retail store. Unless homeowners choose to install the roof themselves they will also have to pay someone to install it; labor costs for installation range from $3-$30 per square foot depending on the contractor, location and the style of roof being installed.

Metal Roofing Manufacturers

Metal Roof Wholesalers

Metal roofing prices from a wholesaler are generally cheaper than prices from a normal retailer. Metal roof costs from a wholesaler range from around $1.25-$8 per square foot. Metal roof wholesalers often do not offer the wide selection and high-end metal roofing that many normal retail stores offer.

Metal Roof Contractors

Total metal roof cost is far cheaper if homeowners install the roof themselves instead of hiring a contractor to install it for them. However, these types of roofs are difficult to install, far more difficult than normal roofing is, so the majority of homeowners would be best to hire a professional to do it for them. Professional contractors charge from $3-$30 per square foot to install metal roofs. Contractor prices vary per contractor depending on their experience level and location. Contractors working in an area with a high cost of living cost more than contractors in an area with a low cost of living do.  Contractor prices are also affected by if they need to remove the old roofing before installing the new roof, and if insulation needs to be put in. Insulation helps to significantly decrease the sound of rain and wind on the metal roof.

Metal Roof Material Cost

The cost for materials only, ranges from $1.25-$12 per square foot depending on the type of metal roof and what it is made of.  Metal roofing is available in many different types: steel, aluminum, cooper, iron and zinc. Aluminum prices are more than steel prices. Zinc and copper prices are more than aluminum or steel metal prices. The style of roof also affects metal roofing prices; Steel interlocking shingles are less expensive than metal sheet or standing seam metal roofing are.

Metal Roof Installation Cost

Metal roof installation costs range from $3-$30 per square foot depending on the type of roof that is being installed. The cost is far higher for installation of standing seam metal roofs than metal shingles or metal sheets. Metal roofing prices for installation vary per contractor and location, and are also affected by whether the old roof needs to be removed from the house before the new roof is installed. Metal roofing costs are also increased if the roof requires insulation to be installed; insulation helps to cut down on the noise of rain and wind on the roof.

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