How to Choose A Roof Contractor eHow

How to Choose A Roof Contractor eHow


Discuss local roofing contractors with your family and friends and ask them to share their experiences. Word of mouth is almost always the best reference when choosing someone to work on your home. Come up with a list of potential roofers and look into the background of each before making any calls. Unfortunately, scams are not unheard of, and it is essential to educate yourself to choose the best contractor for your needs. Start by going online. There are review sites designed specifically for this purpose. Seek information specific to roofing repair companies and read what others have to say about their experiences. Remember that most reputable companies will have websites that demonstrate they have a solid link to the community in which they live and work. Smaller companies using their own names often demonstrate pride in workmanship. They reply on repeat business and usually have a special interest in living up to their name.

Schedule an interview with each roofer. Compile a list of questions to ask beforehand. Include questions about the roofer’s license, insurance coverage, years of experience in roofing, cost estimate, and length of time to complete the job. Find out if he is willing to put everything in writing. Ask specific questions: What type of shingles are best suited to the structure of your house and what options are there for different types of roofing? Should you switch to a metal roof rather than traditional asphalt? If so, what are the advantages and drawbacks of both types of roofing? What is the difference in price? Are there problem areas such as valleys that are difficult to repair, or places that are prone to ice dams? If so, how will he handle that? Has he had experience with the materials he is recommending? Are the materials guaranteed, and for how long? Will the roof be overlaid (roofing placed over the top of what is there), or will the old roofing be stripped off? Will he be responsible for disposing of all the debris while the job takes place? Will he repair any inadvertent damage during the course of the job at no extra cost? One good rule of thumb in choosing your roofer lies in your own knowledge of your house and its problem areas. Test the roofer’s observational skills after he has inspected your roof. Did he notice, and bring to your attention, areas that you already recognize as potential concerns?

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How to Choose A Roof Contractor eHow

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