Is a metal roof the right choice for me in Louisville KY Sandusky Construction — Kentucky

Is a metal roof the right choice for me in Louisville KY Sandusky Construction - Kentucky

Is a metal roof the right choice for me, you wonder, thinking about a reroofing project on your Louisville KY business property? It is good business to consider all the roofing options available when it comes to protecting your property.

Business statement

First impressions are important, in business as well as in personal matters. It stands to reason that you want the impression your business facility presents to be a positive one, and metal roofing covering your business venture generates an air of efficiency, stability, and style. With metal roofing by Sandusky Roofing and Construction, your property is protected against the elements and exudes the kind of permanence you want your business to express.

Metal roofing as an investment

A metal roof can last a lifetime, and can also increase the resale value of your property. While the initial cost for quality metal roofing is higher than many other roofing materials, you save money in the long run because of its durability.   A metal roofing system generally lasts 2 to 3 times longer than traditional asphalt roofing. Chances are good that a metal roof will be the last roof you ever install on your business property.

Beautiful variety

Metal roofing comes in so many styles, colors, and looks that there is a metal version of virtually every roofing material available on the market today. While the standing seam flat sheet metal roof continues to be the most common choice for businesses and homes today, metal roofing not only can look just like traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingle, clay tile, cedar shake or slate, it lasts at least twice as long.

Strong and durable

Most non-metal roofing tends to weaken when it is exposed to the elements.  Ultraviolet rays of the sun, temperature changes, severe storms, and high winds do not cause metal roofing to deteriorate. In most cases, a metal roof can withstand decades of extreme weather, including hail. A typical hailstorm in Louisville KY will not dent your metal roof, which is also safe from wind gusts that usually accompany hailstorms.

More metal roofing advantages

Light colored metal roofing reflects heat in the summer and insulates your property in the winter, helping keep overhead down. Most metal roofing comes with a 30 to 50 year manufacturer warranty, plus a workmanship warranty from the metal roofer who did the installation. Surprisingly to some, metal roofing is not noisy, when properly insulated and applied by a professional metal roofer, and is effective in muffling even the loudest hail storm.

A metal roof will absolutely not increase the likelihood of lightning striking your property. However, if your building were to be hit by lightning, the metal roof would safely disperse the energy throughout the structure. Since it is inflammable, metal roofing is a desirable option where severe weather is concerned, especially for lightning.

Is a metal roof the right choice for me?

Finding out more about the wide array of styles, colors, and textures of metal roofing could be the answer to your question: Is a metal roof the right choice for me? The professional metal roofers at Sandusky Roofing and Construction in Louisville KY can help you make a decision that suits you and your business. Visit them and get answers to your roofing questions. Contact the metal roofers at Sandusky Construction and ask, is a metal roof the right choice for me?

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