Metal Roofing and Green Building Blog Sheet Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing and Green Building Blog Sheet Metal Roofing

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sheet Metal Roofing

When it comes to weighing the options for getting a new metal roof for our home, we may often find ourselves at cross roads of choosing among quite a few metal roofing alternatives, while our mind is wondering back and forth trying to decide would not it simply be cheaper to get the good old and messy asphalt shingle metal roof. Indeed, it is tough to make a good decision when we are presented with so many choices.

Sheet Metal Roofing, is just one of the many alternatives that modern metal roofing has to offer to homeowners for their residential roof replacement dilemmas. Well, so what exactly is sheet metal roofing all about? Answer: Vertically installed sheet Metal Roofing panels rolled ,or fabricated from a sheet metal coil are the essence of what it is. Some roofing shops employ or have access to Sheet Metal Shops and facilities where they can custom design and fabricate sheet metal roofing panels. Others, simply go to roofing supply warehouses and order sheet metal roofing panels specifying length and width of the panel as well as the type of metal, its gauge or thickness of the metal roofing panels, and its paint color finish, which I usually like to be Cool Roof rated for energy savings, and homeowners Tax Credit Incentives.

This type of scenario is very typical for a small roofing contractor company. My company is not exception, and when we have to install sheet metal roofing panels on a specific roof or supply the materials for a some project, I simply go to the roofing supply wear house where I pre-order metal roofing panels. I specify the type of metal roofing system that I want, type of metal flashing that I need and system specific fasteners.

The advantage of dealing with roofing supply warehouse, rather than ordering directly from the manufacturer is that they work with a few different Metal Roofing Manufacturers, which helps me select just the right system and obtain comparatively better pricing. The pricing aspect is not really anything to brag about since most metal roofing supply companies add a huge markup on top of what the manufacturer charges them. Yet, my materials arrive safely to the roofing supply warehouse, and their dedicated sheet metal shop fabricates metal roofing panels per my specifications. All I have to do is shop up and pick up the panels when they are ready. The typical Lead time from the time I place my order until materials are ready for the pick up is about two to three weeks, unless the supplier has the metal coil that matches my desired color already in stock.

Metal Roofing and Green Building Blog Sheet Metal Roofing

There is also a new way of delivering and fabricating metal roofing materials right at the job site. For Instance, Drexel Metals, a metal roofing manufacturer has made its business model by selling its metal arm machine to high profile metal roofing contractors and roofing supply warehouses. The resulting convenience is truly astonishing, because lead time for the materials delivery is reduced down to as few as three days in some cases, when the roofing supplier has the metal roofing machine operating in close proximity to a sheet metal roofing project.

The DM-Arm Machine shows up at the work site, and spits out sheet metal roofing panels right at the job site. This not only shortens the lead time, but also reduces costs, and helps eliminate the problem with damaged panels, wrong length of the panel, and other factors that often come up when panels are pre fabricated. Drexel Metals sheet metal roofing panels are also compatible with thin film solar metal roofing laminates. This is yet another convincing reason to combine the two services into one seamless installation.

Sheet Metal roofing panels can be in field fabricated using methods such as DM-Arm Machine, pre-fabricated at the manufacturer’s production facility and then send out the roofing supplier or directly to the contractor. Finally, some larger roofing companies operate their own metal fabrication shops and usually stock metal coils like aluminum and copper, which is very helpful when working with the roof where sheet metal may only be used for a portion of the roofing project in question.

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