Metal Roofing Prices Calculator Metal Roofing Store DIY Installation Information

Metal Roofing Prices Calculator Metal Roofing Store DIY Installation Information

This roofing calculator will estimate metal roof installation prices ONLY, including roofing materials. It will not estimate the cost of metal roofing materials.

Roofing prices are calculated for Standing Seam Metal Roofs, Steel Metal Shingles, Aluminum Shingles roof, Corrugated Steel Roofing V5 Crimp / R-panel, etc. Stone-coated steel roofing, as well as Copper and Zinc roofing prices

Calculate metal roofing prices:

This metal roofing prices calculator estimates metal roof installation costs charged by a hypothetical reputable, fully licensed and insured roofing metal contractor. Roofing Prices will vary based on geographic location, local economic conditions, current cost of metal roofing materials, contractors overhead, etc. and my not be the same as the prices produced by this roofing calculator.

However, most metal roofing contractors calculate metal roofing prices for standing seam and metal shingles roofs, based on similar initial costs of materials, so we can closely estimate the cost of installing a metal roof, based on the information about your roof, that you provide.

For best and most accurate results, measure your home / roof accurately from the ground, from corner to corner. Add overhangs to the roof dimensions, and select correct settings for existing shingles tear off, number of skylight and chimney flashings, roof difficulty and roof pitch.

Follow this comprehensive guide on how to measure a roof accurately, using correct roof pitch, and accounting for roof difficulty. When you plugin correct roof information into the calculator, you will get a roof price that is close to a national average.

What if your roofing price is much different from roofing contractors quote?

There are multiple scenarios that you need to account for here. First, assume your local cost of living.

Metal Roofing Prices Calculator Metal Roofing Store DIY Installation Information

If you live in rural Indiana, your prices will probably be lower than what you get form our roofing calculator. However if you live in Westchester County, CT, your prices should be higher than our roofing calculator results.

Given your local conditions, see if there is a huge difference in total cost, assuming all other details are equal. For example, if your contractors roofing quote is much below our calculator and your local cost of living is moderate to high, that most likely your roofer has VERY little knowledge of metal roofing / costs of metal roofing materials, etc. Professional metal roofing contractors hire well paid roof mechanics and use premium roofing materials, and metal roofs in general are a premium type of roofs therefore, they cant cost close the the asphalt shingles roof levels. There must be something fish going on, or perhaps a roofer made a huge mistake calculating your roof.

If your roofing quote is much higher than our roofing calculator prices, than your might be going for a ride or just getting shamelessly overcharged this is often the case with established national brands.

Having questions about Roofing Calculator and/or your price quote?

If you are confused or want to get more detailed answers pertaining to your particular roof, dont hesitate, and leave a comment or ask a question in the comments section below this article. We will try to answer your roofing questions promptly.

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