Metal Roofing Styles and Options from Armor Metal Roofing in Maine, NH & MA

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Metal roofs do not have to be boring and industrial looking. Instead they can be creative and very attractive. If you are opting for metal roofing styles will find that there are several options that you can create a high quality and attractive roof. There are many benefits when using metal roofs on your structures. For starters, metal roofs can be painted in almost any color for attractiveness and are renowned for their high durability and quality over an extended period of time. Metal roofing is light weight, portable and resistant to wind, hail, sparks and fires. The kinds of materials used for metal roofs range from stainless steel to metal tile sheets, blending aluminum zinc and silicon coated steel, or simply from pure Aluminum. There are different kinds of materials that are combined in an effort to facilitate different styles.

  • Vertical Sheet Panels
  • Metal Shingles

One of the main factors that determine the kind of metal roofing styles that will be most useful to you is the kind of structure that the roof is being made for. That is, the design and purpose of the building. Another factor is the short-term and long-term costs. As a property owner – house or business – it is always a plus to be able to maintain high quality standards without breaking the bank. It is important to consider all factors before making beginning any work.

While roofs are generally replaced or repaired on an average of about ten years, wisely choosing roofing materials can help to reduce the cost of repair or replacement should the need arise. Admittedly, the initial costs of building metal roofs can be high. However, the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial costs. resulting in the roof paying for itself over time. Metal roofs are also very energy efficient which helps to save costs.

Metal Roofing Types and Options

The two main groups of metal roof styles are vertical sheet panels and shingles. Unlike panels that are made from large sheets or pieces of metal, shingles are significantly smaller in surface area per piece resembling squares instead of long rectangular beam. Panels use large sheets of metal to create the roof and are very popular. Shingles however use smaller pieces of metal with differing patterns so as create not only a high quality roof, but also one that has character. Shingles are more flexible in this regard. How attractive metal roofing is will depend on its finish. Different types of finishing treatments affect the beauty of metal roofs as well as how weather resistant and mechanically resilient the roof will be.

Other kinds of metal roofing options include metal shake roofing and metal roof tiles. These styles, like shingles, allow for more attractive finishes. The more decorative metal roof styles are usually better for residential properties as these tend to be designed with more personality and texture. The styles chosen for agricultural and industrial buildings on the other hand are less decorative.


Metal shake roofing is one of many metal roofing options available. Similar in design to wooden shakes, metal shake roofing looks like classic wood. It is available in several colors such as green, brown and red among others. Shakes are a popular style option that is far more durable and long lasting than its wooden counterpart.


Metal shingles are much like smooth slate tiles in appearance. This option offers a wide range of colors to choose from and a great deal of charm. Rustic shingles for example adds a nice rugged feel to your property without the added problems like rotting and mold that are normally associated with wood. Oxford Shingle on the other hand is smoother and is known for its symmetry and clean, crisp lines. Oxford Shingle fits in well with Architectural Shingle and is just as beautiful as Fiberglass Shingle while being even more durable. Both Architectural and Fiberglass Shingles are available style options.


Metal roof tiles, as the name suggests, are much like regular roofing tiles in design. However, metal roof tiles are lighter in weight and more durable than regular roof tiles. Metal tiles also feature the curvatures of regular roof tiles and as always color is simply a matter of choice.


Although traditionally available exclusively for commercial properties, metal roof panels are now available for use on residential properties. This paradigm shift in metal roofing is due in large part to the advances in modern technology. As is the case with other style options, panels are available in a number of different colors.


The finish used on your metal roofing is the final touch that will give your property the look and feel you desire. Finishes can be traditional paint. The more creative options of granular and metallic finishes may be used. The finish you choose boils down to personal preferences.

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