Mobile Roofing Contractor (Elite Pro Roofing) Roofer, Metal Roofing, Gutters, Vinyl Siding,

Mobile Roofing Contractor (Elite Pro Roofing) Roofer, Metal Roofing, Gutters, Vinyl Siding,

Protect It With Quality Services From Elite Pro Roofing LLC

We provide complete shingle installation and repair, flat roof installation and repairs as well as,

high quality metal roof installation and repairs.

Elite Pro Roofing LLC. is your premier Baldwin and Mobile Alabama roofing contractor for all your roofing install needs. We take pride in our work and so will you. Our core values of Integrity, Honesty & Quality shows in every roofing project we complete. We value our customers and strive to offer the best service In the gulf Coast Area.

We are your best choice. We are with the South Alabama Better Business Bureau, Baldwin county homebuilders association. We Are Fully Licensed Bonded and Insured To a $1,000,000. We Have Been Installing Roofs For Over 25 Yrs. We Have A Quality Control Supervisor During Your Roof Replacement At All Times. Call us today and let us quote you on a new Roof.

Elite Pro Roofing wants to protect you and your investment and one thing that stands us out here in South Alabama is we follow these codes below.

Inspect For Ventilation

  • Prevent moisture damage to your roof deck and your house.
  • Opportunity to save energy costs.
  • Insure compliance with codes.
  • Meet shingle warranty requirements.

Let Us Compare Apples For Apples.

When Getting quotes Price is not always what it Seems. Here At Elite Pro Roofing LLC. We provide you With top of the line Products Installed the way manufactures suggest to install.

  1. Tear Off?
  1. Tear off and Dispose of old Roofing. -OR-
  • Tear off all old roofing down to the decking. This includes felt underlayment. No guess work to how wood is under old roof. Yes this cost more for there is a lot more work to clean up and removal of felt is necessary. We feel this is the best to be sure no rotten wood is under old felt paper.
  • Mobile Roofing Contractor (Elite Pro Roofing) Roofer, Metal Roofing, Gutters, Vinyl Siding,
  • Replace Drip Metal With 26 Gauge Drip metal. This is heavy metal that you can lean a ladder on and it will not be damaged. Yes, it is little more expensive than just putting on cheap aluminum drip metal. You will be grateful when it’s time to clean or inspect your roof. This is why we use 26 gauge.
  • Pipe Boots?
    1. Cheap plastic & soft lead pipe boots are favorites to squirrels. Squirrels will eat or gnaw on these materials and the pipe boots will need to be replaced in few years. -OR-
  • Pipe boots that last longer than your new roof. This is why we use metal plumbing boots on our roofs.
  • Properly Nailed?
    1. Air nailed installed shingles can be nailed to high, over driven or under driven. If shingles are not nailed according to the manufactures instructions your wind warranty is not backed by the manufacturer. -OR-
  • Properly hand driven nails that ensure manufactures wind warranty will be in effect.
  • Licensed?
    1. Not licensed insured and no permits to do the job. -OR-
    2. Company that protects you by carrying the proper license insurance and permits to do the job.

  • Warranty or No Warranty?
    1. Workmanship Warranty -OR-
    2. Leak Free Warranty here at Elite Pro Roofing we provide you with a 5 Year Leak Free Warranty available in longer terms if you decide to have us maintain your roof during the warranty.

    So Keep in mind, it only appears to be the same roof for less money. As you see there is a lot to consider that is not the same when comparing quotes. In most cases we can match the lowest bid if we reduce some of the quality. The choice is yours but we want you to get the best roof for your Investment. This is why we ask you to compare Apples for Apples. Then we can give you the best roof for what fits your budget.

    Why Choose Us As Your Professional Roofing Contractor

    Buying a new roof system is an important investment. Before you spend your money, spend some time learning how to evaluate the roofing contractor who may be doing the work. You should insist on working with a professional roofing contractor. All roofing contractors are not alike.

    If you are looking for a Mobile, AL roofing contractor then please call 251-214-8295 or complete our online request form .

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