Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel System,Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel System Manufacturer Exporters

Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel System,Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel System Manufacturer Exporters

Perfect Polymers is one of the most promising Manufacturers, Exporters and Supplier of Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel System based in India. The Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel System available with us consists of modular panels with snap-on connecting profiles (battens) made of polycarbonate. Thus, this Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel System ensures best performance for wind uplift, vibration, and visual appearance. Made using the best grade raw materials, our Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel System is resistant to thermal expansion thus, eliminates the need for penetrations through the sheet; hence the concealed fasteners make the structure 100% watertight.

Features :

  • Panel modular width is of 600mm for 8 & 10mm whereas 1000mm for 18 & 20 mm thickness
  • Panel is extruded in one single formable length. The panels are manufactured with up-stands which are integral to the unit and protruded 90 degrees to the panel face (standing seam dry glazed concept).
  • The extruded panel includes integral tight multi-cell core. The panel’s exterior skins are interconnected and spaced apart by structural core supporting ribs, perpendicular to the skins and diamond cuts (reinforced structure) for resistance to buckling, at a spacing not to exceed 4 mm (0.16 inches) (truss-like construction).
  • Extruded U-profile snap-on battens (pc joiner/ connector) in same color as panel, fixed over the up-stands making them as interlocking in parallel arrangement and water leak-proof.
  • T-Fasteners for side-ways control & T-Lock Fasteners in SS-304 (patented) controls the movement of polycarbonate panels for lateral movement rose by thermal expansion in concealed orientation.

Benefits Of Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel System :

  • 100% Leakage proof
  • Cost of Construction and installation is much lower
  • Easier and faster installation
  • More esthetical
  • Energy saving

Ultraviolet Light Transmission (UV) :

SUNPAL Polycarbonate Standing Seam Architectural System incorporates co-extruded protective UV layer on both sides of the polycarbonate panel. This layer acts as a barrier and helps to prevent degradation of the panel itself. Co-extrusion offers dramatically superior durability when compared to other types of UV protective barriers and ensures against de-lamination or oxidation. 99.5% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation is blocked by SUNPAL, resulting in a panel that is highly weather resistant, durable, and non-yellowing.

SUNPAL polycarbonate panels should be used for open roof retractable structures or fully exposed exterior walls or partitions. UV protection prevents yellowing and helps maintain strength, impact resistance, and clarity over time.

Condensation Control :

SUNPAL polycarbonate panels have multi-cell air space and higher R-Factor, which reduces condensation formation. The multi-cell tempering of the air results in lower inside/ outside temperature differentials, both within the panel (the primary location of condensation formation on double wall panels), as well as on the underside of the panel. Reduced indoor/ outdoor temperature results in reduced condensation.

When condensate is present, the droplets reflect light away from the glazing surface. By minimizing condensate formation, light transmission remains constant. SUNPAL Multi-cell minimizes condensate formation better than twin-wall by virtue of the fact that it has multiple air spaces (truss like structure) instead of one.

General Insulating Information :

Heat loss occurs when heat transfers from one warmer surface to another colder surface. As an example, if you were to put your warm hand on a cool ceramic tile for a few minutes heat from your body would begin to transfer to the tile and the tile would begin to get warmer. You could easily test this by removing your hand; touching another area of the tile and then quickly putting it back to the spot that your hand just warmed.

During winter months, heat also transfers from the warmer inner surface of skylight glazing materials to the colder outer surface (assuming that the skylight is enclosed and heated). There are a few weather related elements that can accelerate the heat transfer process: wind, temperature, and humidity.

SUNPAL Multi-cell polycarbonate panels increase energy efficiency by increasing the number of surfaces through which heat must transfer before it reaches the outside, as well as adding an air space in between the layers where heat can accumulate before it transfers through the next surface. The air becomes warmer within the air space, thereby slowing the transfer from the inner-most surface. Additional layers with inner additional air spaces will increase energy efficiency and reduce heat transfer. (Layers also affect light transmission, thereby resulting in translucent effect).

The U-value of SUNPAL system is between 1.50 – 2.45 for 18/ 20mm to 8mm thick panel system. The U-value of SUNPAL system is far more less than any other system having more usage of thermal conduction elements, as in wet-connection fixing system (conventional multiwall sheet fixing with aluminum ALCOX profiles). Solar Control grades display excellent thermal insulation properties and thereby cutting the recurring power cost in higher change of temperature periods.

Technical features :

  • 100% Leakage proof, realized by unique U-connection and free floating system. It can withstand much higher force, like wind-loading, snow-loading, etc.
  • Cost of Construction and installation is much lower. The U-connection lightens the building-load, can even adopt the self-supporting system.
  • Easier and faster installation with its U-profile, comparing the traditional polycarbonate hollow profile sheet, less working skill and procedures are required. So that we can save labor cost & speed up the construction time.
  • More esthetical, with Roof Panel skylight system, all of the raw materials for roofing are made of transparent PC. No need any screw, sealing aluminum profile and glue. The whole outlook can be complete transparent roofing with nice shapes.
  • More safe, as the floating system, and also we use only one raw material: polycarbonate can avoid distortion from heating expansion.
  • Energy saving, multi-cell multi-wall cellular hollow profile sheet can ensure better heat insulation, comparing with the traditional sheet, can save 20%-30% energy consumption.

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