Our Story

Our Story

Gulf Coast Supply and Manufacturing started in 1996 by two brother-in-laws, John Sherrill and Jeff Reed, who had a dream of owning a metal roofing business using handcrafted sheet metals. They opened their new business in the backside of an old fish house at Horseshoe Beach, a small fishing and scalloping village with a population of less than 300. They saved money, worked hard and created roof packages for the Taylor County and surrounding area, building a name for the business along with a reputation for being honest and loyal with their customers.

After several years they moved to a then recently retired, 26-acre military base with a plan to build the best metal roofing manufacturing business in the state of Florida. They wanted to create a business culture that offered excellent products, but also focused on integrity and great customer service. Being an ex-fisherman, “Brother Sherrill” as he is sometimes referred to, hired many hard working ex-fishermen, whom he felt a kinship with, and the company continued to grow and become known as a manufacturer direct company, where they sold their metal roofing directly to homeowners & contractors.

In 2004 a string of Florida hurricanes, eventually to be called the hurricane train, devastated much of the state, but ended up being the catalyst that propelled the two brother-in-laws’ business to further growth. Other companies began to struggle when shipments became impossible to receive, but Gulf Coast never closed their doors, and with many late night hours, worked even harder. During this time, metal roofing began gaining popularity when scores of homeowners watched as their traditional shingle roofed homes were swept away by the hurricane clean up crews. Gulf Coast stayed loyal to their customers and didn’t raise prices during this time of rebuilding. This surge of business coupled with the integrity of Sherrill and Reed propelled the Gulf Coast name even further. The debt free company continued to grow and in 2011, was acquired by a business investor who shared the company’s vision to become Florida’s largest and most trusted supplier of metal roofing.

Gulf Coast Supply has recently secured their fourth location, a 110,000 square foot building in Sebring which they plan to develop into a fully functional south Florida manufacturing facility.  Their fleet of knuckle-boom truck and trailers run the state daily, delivering roofing to homeowners who can now choose from eight different types of metal roofing with over 40 colors to choose from. An amazing new service is also available to make buying and installing a metal roof easier for the consumer called Proof My Roof.  This free service allows you to upload a picture of your home directly to their website where they will superimpose all profiles and colors of roofing onto it, allowing you to make the right choice before purchasing your roof.

Our Story

Mark Risley, Director of Marketing, says that if you are considering a new roof, some things to keep in mind are durability, curb appeal, safety and energy efficiency. He says that metal roofs are very durable and have a long life span and added that Gulf Coast roofs have had over 100 wind-tunnel tests collectively making for the best available warranties in the Industry. This also makes them safe and more likely to remain intact in the event of a Florida hurricane. He states your curb appeal will also increase due to metal roofs increasing popularity and color choices. And last but certainly not least in today’s economy, he adds that metal roofing is extremely energy efficient because of the metal’s ability to reflect the sun’s rays, substantially lowering utility costs.

With three locations and the largest stocked inventory of metal roof panels in Florida, it appears that Gulf Coast has accomplished their dream of becoming the largest supplier of residential metal roofing in the state. The first location is their corporate headquarters at Horseshoe Beach, located at 4020 SW 449 Street, Horseshoe Beach, FL 32648, (352) 498-0778. The second location is off 441, near 1-75 and is located at 14480 NW US Hwy 441, Alachua, FL 32615, (386) 462-1062. The third location is near Port St Lucie located at 8701 SW Old Kansas Avenue, Stuart, FL 34997, (772) 781-8009. You can also call their toll free number at (888) 393-0335.

If you would like even more information on Gulf Coast Supply’s products and services you can contact any of our professional sales staff today!

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