Patio Roofs, Roofing And Ideas Outdoor Shades

Patio Roofs, Roofing And Ideas Outdoor Shades

The patio can be just a slab of concrete with a few comfortable chairs, a corner of the garden covered with gravel or stone, or a fully functional outdoor room. The process of converting a corner of the garden into an outdoor room starts with a patio roof. It protects us from sun, rain, leaves, bird droppings and flying projectile toys of children. It will also make the deck cozy and intimate, creating a feeling of a room, with greenery for walls. Once we start enjoying our porch and deck, we have to make a decision if it is going to become a permanent feature of our home, a true outdoor room, or just a space which will be left unused if weather turns inclement.

Permanent Roofing

It can be as simple as a stretch of waterproof fabric over your garden chairs, or a full architectural extension of your home. If you plan on making your porch into a four-season outdoor room, one possibility is to make a permanent patio roof that matches the roof of your house in style and material. For this type, you will need a permit from the municipality and the services of a good architect and builder.

Permanent roofing is sometimes added after construction of the house is complete

Building And Installing A Permanent Roof

A solid patio roof can be made permanent without forcing you take another mortgage. Even if you have a large deck which is located next to the pool and the outdoor kitchen, erecting a permanent canvas awning or a metal roof over one section will make that part of the deck pleasant even during the heavy summer rains. Permanent structures have to have a solid frame made of stone, wood or metal. If well made, such frames can be screened at later date, making our porch a true outdoor room.

Different Materials And Designs Evoke Different Atmospheres The material you use will create the atmosphere you desire: having a tiki patio roof made of palm leaves instantly invokes wonderful Hawaiian parties in your garden. Even the simplest zinc metal painted a vivid color and decorated with outdoor lanterns, becomes a stylish and attractive, while remaining strictly within your budget. Canvas is also affordable and come in a wide range of colors, making your porch into anything you desire: from circus tent to a luxury tea room.

Patio Roofs, Roofing And Ideas Outdoor Shades

Temporary Patio Roofing

If you are not interested in using your deck when the weather is not warm and the garden is not in bloom, or the kids want to turn it into a hockey rink during the winter, a temporary structure is your best option. Canvas roofs or awnings can be completely retracted, with a manual crank or a motorized device. That way, you can retract it to enjoy the sun and work on your tan, and open it up to shade you when sun becomes too much for your sensitive skin. Temporary types are made of treated, plasticized canvas, which comes in a range of colors and patterns. Some come in a kit, which is easy to install in one weekend, making it an easy and affordable solution.

Do It Yourself Ideas

Whether you want to have a permanent patio roof with Spanish tiles and gables, or a temporary canvas stretched between aluminum poles, you can hire an experienced contractor, or you can do it yourself. There are many plans available on the internet, and many companies offer kits that are easy to install. Before you decide to take on a more complicated installation, keep in mind that a well built one will significantly increase the value of your home. Poorly installed one will not. A good, permanent structure will last many years and its maintenance will be minor, making the added cost worth it.

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