Residential Roofing Contractor near Fort Collins CO Bob Behrends

Residential Roofing Contractor near Fort Collins CO Bob Behrends

Your home is one of the largest investments you will make in your life. Keeping it protected should be your number one priority. The residential roofing system installed on your home is critical, as weather and precipitation can do massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time.

Bob Behrends Roofing, LLC has been around for many years, with many more to come. We have done all types and kinds of residential roofing including, but not limited to: Asphalt shingles, tile, shakes, flat modified roofing, metal, and synthetic slate. Whether you are in need of a roof on a new home, roof replacement or repair Bob Behrends Roofing, LLC can assess your needs a let you know will need in order to keep your home in good condition.

Bob Behrends Roofing, LLC is a Platinum Preferred installer of Owens Corning  shingles, which represents less than 1% of roofing contractors in the industry. This allows us to offer extended non-prorated warranty coverage for 50 years including all workmanship, labor and material costs. Owens Corning™ Platinum Preferred Contractors must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • Undergo a Dun & Bradstreet® credit rating
  • Not have filed bankruptcy in the last seven years
  • Hold at least $1,000,000 in general liability insurance
  • Have operated under the same business name for a minimum of three years
  • Carry all required state and local licensing and insurance

In addition to being a preferred contractor for Owens Corning, we are also a preferred installer for CertainTeed. Both companies represent a couple of the largest roofing manufacturers in the nation. Being a preferred installer means that the manufacturer has seen our work, and knows that we install a quality roofing system that is meant to last. One of the benefits of being a preferred installer to the customer is that we can sell extended warranties that other companies can’t offer.

What to look for in a quality roofing contractor:

Longevity -  A company that has been around is key. Working with a “Fly By Night”  company can only lead to heartache and an empty wallet in the future. No matter how long of a workmanship warranty they offer, if they aren’t here to stand behind it, it’s no good. Don’t believe their word for gospel, but look at the companies history and make your own assessment.

Insurance-  Make sure the the roofing company you choose has general liability insurance – as all reputable companies do. Worker’s compensation is the law not a choice. Unless the owner of the company is doing the work by themselves with no additional help – it is a requirement. You don’t want to pick up the cost if someone was to get hurt or injured on your property.

Place of business-  Having a steady place of a business is important. as it may be imperative to reach your contractor.  Having a staffed office is reassuring that your message will get heard and directed to the appropriate team member and be taken care of accordingly.

Permits-  A good contractor will purchase permits prior to starting a project. Having an inspector look at the job ensure that the project was completed correctly  is another qualified set of eyes to insure that the project was completed correctly. A contractor that doesn’t want to may have something to hide like not doing the project up to code, which may be a problem in the future.

When do you need a roof:

Reached the End of it’s Life-  Like anything it only last so long, especially roofing because it is subject to a lot of weather, snow, rain, sun and wind. Before purchasing a home make sure the roof is in good condition or you know approximately how much time is left.

Weather Damage-  Unfortunately no matter how good your roof is weather catastrophes happen. Hail is the one the biggest especially on the Front Range of Colorado because we are located in what is considered the hail belt. If you have had large hail, 1″ or bigger, it may be a good idea to have your roof looked at. It is harder to get the insurance to pay for something that has happened years before then to take care of the problem now. (See picture how to spot hail damage). Wind damage many people think for should last up to all winds, but they are only made and warranted so many mph. Wind is considered a weather catastrophe, so it would fall under an insurance claim if excessive. Before purchasing a roof you should ask about the warranted wind rating on the shingle because upgrading if you are in a high wind area may save repairs in the future.

Types of Roofing:

Asphalt Shingles -  Probably the best bang for your buck. The quality of asphalt has changed substantially there are now a multitude of styles, colors and budget ranges. Asphalt shingles generally carry lifetime limited warranties. Click on the Owens Corning link to see the different types we can offer. Note: If Class 4 shingles are installed, your insurance company may offer a discount on your homeowner’s premium because of hail resistance.

Tile -  Architecturally a very pleasing product to the eye. If this is the look you are wanting, there are many different profiles that can be offered from a roman tile to flat tiles. Click on Westile’s or Boral’s links to see the different styles and colors that we can offer.

Metal -  The wave of the future. Metal has come a long way from the old barn styles that were typical for many years. Click on the Metal Sales link below to see the different profiles that are offered. These systems are installed with a 45yr. paint/finish warranty that is backed by the manufacturer.

Low Slope Roofing -  Though it may one of the smallest portions of your home it can produce some of the biggest problems. Installing a product that is not meant to shed water but in turn holds it, will produce problems within your roofing system. The system can be installed mechanically with the product’s seams heat welded; or may be installed fully adhered as well as heat welding the seams (recommend method). Click on to see the benefits of this product.

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