Residential Roofing Materials

Residential Roofing Materials

Residential Roofing Materials Resources And Tips

Even with the economy as it is, there are many different styles of residential homes being constructed and completed every day residential roofing materials are the concern of all these new, and the many long time, home owners. Many of these homes are statements to the wealth and influence or the hard work of a family. Materials for these homes often pass through a lot of discussion as the owners of the house under construction try to decide which of the different types of roofing material will be used. If youre a professional roofer youre already well aware of the huge selection of materials that are on the market. For the rest of us, who are homeowners, its important to stay up on the latest innovations in residential roofing materials and supplies – if for no other reason than to be more knowledgeable buyer of these products when, and the day will come, we need to replace our roof.

Different Types Of Residential Roofing Material

The most important thing to note when were talking about residential roofing materials, is that as with most residential construction materials on the market today, there is an ever increasing move toward engineered roofing materials. If youve been in the market for residential roofing material youve no doubt noticed the reasons why this is the case. One is simply the high cost of wood. The other is that in many parts of the country building codes make the use of fireproof construction materials mandatory. Lastly, most of us want to build with materials that, not only make our houses look good, they last a long time giving us a better return on our investment.

The Most Popular Residential Roofing Material Asphalt Shingles

Standard three-tab asphalt shingles are one of those residential roofing material that need no introduction. In fact, this is one of the most common roofing materials available in the United States today. They are also called composition shingles. Regardless of what you call them, they are made of organic fiber mat or fiberglass core and integrated with asphalt and coated to add to the texture and color of the shingles. They are attached to the roof using an adhesive backing and staples or nails. Youll find that the shingle products manufactured today have great guarantees that back them up. At a minimum they are guaranteed for 20 to 30 years, making this material an excellent value for your home.

If you dont like the look of the standard asphalt roofing shingle, or are looking for a longer warranty, you can upgrade to what is called an architectural shingle. Youll find these to be a thicker variation on the standard three-tab. In fact, these are typically constructed to be around twice as thick as your standard asphalt shingle. Youll also notice that these shingles are designed to have staggered layers, this gives the whole roof a much more substantial or (as the name implies) architectural look. These shingles come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Some are designed to imitate slate, others wood. Price wise youll find architectural shingles to be a relatively small percent more than your standard asphalt shingle. However the warranties usually start at 30 years and can run for the life of the roof, GAF markets what it calls Designer Lifetime Shingles that meet all these criteria. This options gives you a great value and a bit more of a stylish look.

A Common Residential Roofing Material Wooden Shingles and Shakes

Wooden shingles and shakes can also be very attractive roofing materials. Over time this residential roofing material weathers out to a soft silver color that can make the house look like its part of the landscape. Manufacturers wood shingles use a variety of different wood species to make their products. Some use Western Red Cedar others use Alaskan Yellow Cedar or Eastern White Cedar.

Whats the difference between wooden shingles and shakes? Looking side-by-side at the two youll notice that main difference between shingles and shakes is that shingles are relatively smooth and cut to a uniform thickness; however, they vary in width. On the other hand, wood shakes are thicker and more irregular, being split rather than sawn from the logs.

While some folks think wooden shingles and shakes look fantastic and most will agree that they both age very gracefully to the eye. Still, even with their fantastic looks, shingles and shakes happen to be expensive to install and do demand some routine maintenance, usually in the form of washing to remove all mildew and mold or moss that tends to develop with time, more quickly in some parts of the country, and then re-oiling with a clear wood finishing product.

A properly installed and looked after wooden roof really should last at least 30 to 50 years. In fact, our staff members have seen homes on which the shingles ended up still very good after 25 years possibly even longer, however the galvanized nails were ultimately rusting, so be sure to make use of a high-quality stainless-steel nail!

Meet An Up And Coming Residential Roofing Material Metal Roofs

Other different types of roofing material are metal roofs. Youve probably noticed that standing seam steel roofs have now made a comeback from a bygone decade when these were used in almost every structure under construction. This is a very durable roofing material and is literally maintenance free, non-flammable and it reflects heat, tooMetal is a excellent option for a residence in snow country, as well as in farming country. The good news is, in terms of solutions available, at this time there is much to choose from among the galvanized low-end and the copper high-end. There is an assortment of powder-coated metal roof systems available on the market, some very cost-effective versions on the galvanized sheet-steel style. Others are factory-built standing-seam roofs, tailor made to your house or barn and installed by a roofing contractor. The advantages of these systems are that they need no special fabricating equipment and can be installed by any competent contractor.

In addition to standing-seam roofs, several sorts of metal shingles are also out there. Another variation commercially offered nationwide is an interlocking copper mineral shingle.

Regardless of the style you choose, in general, a properly installed metal roof should last you at least 50 years.

One Tough Residential Roofing Material Tile and Slate

Other different types of roofing material are tile and slate. These two are very long lasting and have been around for decades. Both are quite heavy and need a reinforced support system to be able to carry their weight. They are also rather difficult to put up and install and they can be expensive, too.

The above are just some of the different types of roofing material which are available worldwide. Most stores that sell these products can also install them. This is important because not all of the different types of roofing material can be installed on your own. We hope you will take the time to explore our site and read our articles and product reviews – they are jam-packed with all sorts of important information that every home owner should know.

Dont Forget About Green Roofs

Green roofing is here to stay as well. There are lots of options and their costs are coming down. Check out our Green Roofing articles and see if, just maybe, theres a green roof in your future.

Youll find lots of resources and information on residential roofing materials here, take your time and enjoy the site.

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