Roofing Travelin' Light

Roofing Travelin' Light

We are now five weeks behind the schedule given to us by our contractor. Its a bit depressing given that fall is approaching and both John and myself are back to work. Its a little challenging for John to get ready, and I still have a lot to do to get things done so that our finish contractors will be able to do their job and write creative ideas for a project Im working on.

But, we do love the comfort of our Airstream and are now talking about taking off in a few years and traveling around the United States and Canada for however long it takes. We will rent out both the house and backyard cottage and upgrade to a larger model and go. It is nice to have air -conditioning in the Airstream once again as we continue to have very hot days (for the NW, anyway). The 2015 Airstream models feature ducted air so the unit is now completely outside and it is very quiet inside. We are waiting for sales on those models. )

One of the things weve really missed is traveling around in it this summer, but since we are living full time and staying on property, its more difficult to put everything away and make things travel safe. When we arent living in it, we keep it ready to travel except for the addition of food and drink, which is a lot less to contend with. Weve mostly missed our fellow Airstreamers and are looking forward to connecting again with them.

We escaped to San Juan Island last week to take a break from the noise and frustrations.

It was really beautiful and the cottage we rented was perfect for us and Buster who made a new friend in Mondo. Kit, our host shared Johns famous sangria with us and we learned a lot about the island.

Highlights included a walk around Garrison Bay,

Lime Kiln Lighthouse,

and a beautiful sunset at the County Park.

In the last couple of weeks, the houses exterior has been worked on so that the Hardie Panel and shingles are really looking great. Ivan and Juan are doing a terrific job.

Roofing Travelin' Light

Insulation is giving rooms their shape and its being installed, as I type, under the house. In the next couple of days drywalling will begin.

One of the things I really wanted to do was put clear cedar planking under the eave of the main deck to give it a more elegant and finished look rather than Hardie Panel. Juan did a great job of integrating it and now it will look beautiful once the house is painted.

We did make a mistake on the double doors and got framing that was too small 24 versus 26 opening. Ivan and Juan came up with a great solution and now it looks fine. We both have learned so much over the past year, and Ive been keeping a spreadsheet on what to do when, and the things to think about.

As the house takes shape, Weve been hosting people on the Sky Deck most evenings and have been enjoying sharing the view. It really is quite something to be able to sit up there and look out over the lake as alpenglow hits the mountains and the top of Mt. Rainier. Its pretty stunning. Fall will be truly amazing.

Luckily, the new roof worked well, except for the flat roofs, which are still needing a torch-down. Unfortunately, the East room is under that deck and got drenched. Its drying out now. For now, we are happy that 90% of the roof was completed yesterday. Note the ginormous tarp over the East, the wind stretching it and making the house seem like its about to set sail.

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