EPDM roof restoration including seam reinforcement and coating with

Lucas #6000 Universal™ Thermoplastic Roof Coating

Solvent-based Elastomeric coating provide superior moisture resistance and offer much lower water vapor transition than water-based elastomeric coatings. Highly impermeable coatings prevent penetration by moisture and oxygen, ingredients necessary for rust development and growth. This characteristic is of great advantage in metal roof coatings. Solvent-based coatings will not freeze and provide the applicator with a longer working season and less risk of wash-off or humidity related curing issues. Certain products may even be applied to wet and under water surfaces.

These materials also provide the ability to pigment coatings in a variety of colors including a cool reflective white. Reflective white cool roof coatings reflect heat away from buildings which results in reduced cooling costs .

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Lucas #100 Neoprene Roof Cement is an all-purpose, all-weather patching and flashing cement for asphalt, modified bitumen, metal, EPDM, Hypalon and TPO roofs. It’s available in black or white. Both colors are packaged in 1, 3, and 5 gallon pails as well as 10 oz. caulk tubes.

Lucas #5000 Thermoplastic Roof Coating is a solvent-borne polymeric coating intended for restoring metal, TPO, Hypalon and concrete roofs. Lucas #5000 is Energy Star rated, Carries a UL Class A fire rating and is Florida Building Code and Miami Dade Approved. Color Chart

Lucas #5100 Metal Roof Base Coating is a solvent-borne polymeric base coating normally applied before application of #5000.

Lucas #5500 Seam Sealer is available in three grades; Gun Grade (G), Mastic (M) and Self-Leveling (SL). Gun Grade is a pumpable liquid sealer designed to be applied with a wand, Mastic is an intermediate viscosity designed for manual application to seams and fasteners and Self-Leveling is a grade designed to seal fasteners without tooling. #5500 is used to patch and repair metal roofs prior to coating with #5100 and #5000 as well as to repair those roofs later in their life cycle.

Innovative, labor saving Double Barrel Seaming Wand for use with Lucas #5500G Seam Sealer. Insures even coverage and reduces waste.

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Lucas #5900 Clear Brushable Sealer is a solvent based elastomeric sealant for skylights, gutters and other architectural metal details


Lucas #6000 Universal ™ Thermoplastic Roof Coating is a solvent-based Terpolymer coating intended for the repair and restoration of asphalt, modified bitumen, metal, concrete, TPO, PVC, KEE(Fibertite), Hypalon (CSPE), PIB and EPDM roofs. Extremely fast drying. Skins over in minutes and cures completely in a few hours. Won’t wash off or pick up debris. Lucas #6000 is available in Energy Star white and custom colors. When Installed in white, #6000 will reduce the roof’s surface temperature which reduces stress from daily heat cycles. It will also reduce the heat gain in the building’s interior, any associated air-conditioning costs and increase the efficiency of roof mounted air-conditioning condensers. Color Chart

Lucas #6025 Universal Rust Inhibitor is a rust inhibiting primer for use with #5000 and #6000.

Lucas #6500 Universal ™ Flashing Cement is a solvent-based Terpolymer sealant intended for the repair of asphalt, modified bitumen, metal, concrete, TPO, PVC, KEE(Fibertite), Hypalon (CSPE), PIB and EPDM roofs. Extremely strong and elastic. High elongation and tensile strength insure performance under conditions that will cause asphalt based cements to fail. Unique surface active additives allow application to wet or underwater surfaces. #6500 Mailer

Lucas #6900 Lucas #6900 Universal™ Clear SealantMicrofiber Reinforced is a high-performance, multipurpose thermoplastic elastomer based sealant. Excellent adhesion to most roof surfaces including: metal, Kynar®, asphalt, shingles, modified bitumen, EPDM, TPO, Elvaloy/PVC, Hypalon, vinyl, fiber cement, wood, concrete, tile, masonry, glass. #6900 is clear and will not stain when applied over asphalt products, including shingles, when applied at the recommended rate of application. Use to seal gutters, flashings and penetrations on all types of roofs. Ideal for residential roofing applications where appearance is important.

Lucas #6910 Lucas #6900 Universal™ Clear Sealant — Non-Fibrated. Same as #6900 but no microfiber.

The dew point is the point at which moisture in the air condenses into liquid water. Many Lucas coatings require a dry surface. Surfaces may appear dry but moisture will condense as the coating is applied because the application of coating will often lower the surface temperature of the roof surface at the point of application causing liquid water droplets to be trapped under or encapsulated in the coating. Please refer to this table for more information. DewPoint

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