Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost

Published October 5, 2011 | By admin

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost

The attributes of the various kinds of metal roofing are impressive. Most of them are long lasting, durable, require not that much maintenance and can also be fitted on other kinds of roofing materials. Add the fact that this is available to the consumer in various styles and colours which can easily correspond to his or her preference. But one of the most important attribute of them all is that standing seam metal roofing is fire-resistant.

These products are known to be able to control the humid and hot weather in the South just as it can contain the coldness of the North. They have also shed their industrial roots in order to make a statement in architecture during the 21st century.

Prevent Water Seepage

Constructed by interlocking panels one after another, a standing seam ceiling runs vertically from the rooftop or what is called the roofs ridge and to the part that is called the eave. This formulates an interlocking seam wherein the two panels ar joined together the seam rises up from the flat surface of the roof. This construction lets water continuously run without the liquid oozy in between the spaces of the panels.

These metal roofing come in various sizes and shapes. There are some kinds wherein the vertical panels have been designed closely to the length of the gauge in order for it to be suitable to the home. There are also kinds that have the shape and the cut to make the material portable. Then there are the standing seam metal shingles that are pre-packaged which allow the home owner or the home builder to install the pattern for the visual effect he or she is after.

Securing The Roof Panels

There are two methods which secure the panel to the sheathing. One is by using hidden fasteners. These ar used in order to secure the portion that is raised on with every panel which also covers the next panel during the installation process. Another is the use of fasteners that ar exposed and are inserted through every metal panel along the sheathing. The second process is more costly than the first.

On Site Construction

Standing seam metal ceiling is often constructed in the job site for the home owner to see. The person responsible for the roofing, the contractor, arrives at the site with the equipment which he uses to construct the standing seam metal. This is a reel of gauge sheet metal which is formed and later on cut according to the length that fits the ceiling it will be installed in. This metalworking and portable tool is called brake.

Every section within the standing seam metal cap is formed to meet the length the home owners or the home builders preference. This reduces the job-site waste. Besides, it is more practical to be equipped with the panels that will be used instead of throwing away the panels that were cut in the wrong length. The brake is also used to shape each panel and is designed in order to form the panels in an interlocking manner.

Care In Installation

When doing this manually, the person mustiness be really careful, especially when it comes to where he places his fingers. There is a sharp tooth shear hydraulic that cuts every panel in accordance with the desired length. Hand trimming is required after the panel has been formed and later on cut to the desired length. After the trimming, the roofer will be ready to install this in the standing seam metal ceiling shilling within a matter of minutes.

In order to make a water tight seal, there ar roof elements that are installed in the material such as the cap valley (here the two sections coincide at a particular angle) and the ridge cap (which covers the peak of the roof.) Now these sections are attached to one another along with the ridge in order to come up with a balanced appearance that is capable of serving as the watertight seal.

Finally, the valleys, ridge cap and vertical sections all contribute in weathering the elements, specifically sun and rain exposure. As long as the standing seam metal roofing is properly installed, then it can provide the home owner with years of security and stability.

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