Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems in New England (Maine, NH, and MA )

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems in New England (Maine, NH, and MA )

If your home or place of business needs a new roof, or maybe youre in the process of building a new structure, consider topping it off with a standingseam metal roof. This efficient, easy to install metal roof is durable, attractive and meets acknowledged safety requirements. It has been a favorite for some length of time. Many homes in the New England area display standing seam metal roofs that have been in use for more than 100 years. That attests to their durability and preference as a proven addition to any well-built home.

Many government buildings were built with standing seam metal roofs. Visit virtually any state government area and notice the number of roofs that appear greenish, a result of patina created by aging copper. Washington, D.C. has many of these roofs. Standing seam metal roofs are also found on many shopping malls and industrial sites like power plants.

A standing seam metal roof meets the criteria demanded of any metal roof. It is available in various shapes and sizes, in colors and styles designed to make any structure look its functional best. Most anyone with a working knowledge of metal roofing installation can put it together, although it is advised to engage an experienced roofing crew to make sure the job is done right.

The Construction of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

A standing seam metal roof is made of multiple panels running straight down the roof. Each panel has a raised portion that, when meeting and locking with another panel, creates a slope that pours any water off the roof. The interlocked panels are permanently connected by using either of two types of fasteners. One fastener is hidden, while the other is driven through the metal panel and attaches to the roof. The unhidden fasteners dont create an eyesore. And they are somewhat less expensive than the hidden fasteners. Either fastener works to strengthen the collective abilities of the panels.

Standing seam panels can be made of painted galvanized steel/G-90 Steel, stainless steel, painted aluminum, zinc, copper and galvalume steel. which provides more protection against corrosion than does galvanized steel. A decided advantage connected with installing standing seam panels is how they can be manipulated to fit the immediate installation process. Factories can construct panels according to the specifications detailed by the builder. But the beauty part is that roofers can bend and trim panels to fit a particular area that doesnt necessarily fit the blue print. Those same panels can also be trimmed to produce a specially created visual effect.

  • Painted galvanized steel
  • G-90 Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Painted aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Galvalume steel

The Proven Benefits of a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Check out the number of standing seam metal roofs used to construct new homes in northern New Hampshire. Thousands have done so, while thousands others have replaced old roofs with them. They not only bring a modern look to new and restored roofs, they also provide long term protection. Standing seam metal roofs easily shed snow and ice, a process that lightens the load and helps ventilate a roof.

The lightweight design of standing seam panels makes them ideal for new structures. They might also be able to effectively cover old roofing materials. The panels can deal with thermal shock and extreme weather better than many other types of roofs. The fastening clips permit some small shifting. That minimizes wear and tear, while allowing flexibility to counter high winds and any foundation settling. Flat roofs and composite shingles can require periodic maintenance. Standing seam metal roofs can go 20 years and longer before needing any real attention. The standing seam panels have proven to be highly energy efficient. Many homeowners choose to use reflective paint on the panels to increase energy efficiency. Tax credits are available to encourage energy efficient measures, including installing solar panels. This a great option to use with standing seam panels. They merge well with thin photovoltaic laminates, creating the most adaptable, cost effective solar panel solution.  Click here to read more on the benefits of metal roofing .

What Can the Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels Do for Your Budget?

Standing seam metal roofs are calculated to have been installed on more than 50 percent of low-rise warehouses and commercial buildings during the past five years. The reasons for that are simply explained: ease of installation, energy efficiency and durability that keeps roofs maintenance free for 30 years and more .

For individuals looking to construct a new home, the initial cost of standing seam metal roofs can appear almost prohibitive. But that fear disappears when you consider that tax breaks can be had for using the standing seam panels. Also, the proven durability of the panels virtually ends any concern about maintenance expenses. Putting a standing seam metal roof atop an existing roof in need of repair saves a lot of money that might have gone down the drain with shingle removal and structural improvements.

Prices for standing seam metal roofing are calculated based on how much material will be needed. A huge area to be roofed can attract a discount from suppliers. Also, a number of suppliers offer discounts if a customer pays cash. Inquire about any warranties that might accompany your purchase.

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