Standing Seam Metal Roofing Company in Des Moines, Sioux City

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Company in Des Moines, Sioux City

For a steeper sloped roof on your commercial building, a standing seam metal roof will give you a clean look and years of energy-saving durability. Vertical coated steel or aluminum panels create an elegant finish for your office building or other small business. Factory applied colors customize the look to your specifications.

The Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

You’ve probably seen standing seam roofing before, even if you weren’t aware of the name. This is the metal roofing on a house or business that includes long vertical, raised seams running from roof peak to eaves. You can probably find plenty of examples right in your own neighborhood.

The panels are a coated steel (or sometimes aluminum) product like Galvalume. The factory applied coating is a corrosion-resistant alloy of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc that assures a long, maintenance- free life. Custom colors are also applied at the factory for quality and uniformity.

Strong and yet lightweight, the coated metal product will stand up to the elements better than any comparable roofing material. Because the coating and the color is permanently bonded at the factory, you will never worry about the cracking or peeling that some other materials experience.

Extended factory warranties and lifetime workmanship warranties are available.


Panels are available in a variety of widths, usually from about 12 inches to 19 inches. The 12 inch size is gauged to look great on smaller commercial buildings. Custom cut lengths are available from the factory, but the panels are usually fabricated on site for an exact fit.

Depending on the application and your particular choice of product, the raised edges of each panel are rolled, crimped or snap-locked together over the length of the seam. This raised, standing seam is usually about ½ to 1 ½ inches high. The way in which the panels are interlocked allows a small amount of movement to accommodate the building’s thermal expansion and settling motion.

By standing above the roofing surface, the seam is less likely to be infiltrated by water as it runs off the roof. With no horizontal seams or overlaps, there are fewer areas for potential leaks compared with other roofing materials. Rainwater, snow, ice, and storm debris glide smoothly down and off of the roof.

Standing seam roofing is Energy Star rated. The natural reflectance of metal and the properties of many of the available custom colors will keep the sun’s heat energy from entering your building. The panels generally exceed the Energy Star standard for steeper sloped roofs of providing 25% reflectance.

Compared to galvanized roofing, tests have shown that only about half of outside heat can enter through this material. Likewise, in the winter, coated metal roofing keeps heat from escaping.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Company in Des Moines, Sioux City


Standing seam roofing is an excellent choice for either a new building or to re-roof an older structure. It can ordinarily be affixed to the framing or substrate with concealed clips that are incorporated into the seam. On a new building, the sleek modern look will give your business a contemporary feel.


If the older roof on your commrcial building is leaky or needs repair, chances are that it’s not very attractive, either. You really want to make a great first impression with your clients, and standing seam metal roofing will give you a fresh new look.

Maybe you’ve been putting off the inevitable re-roofing. Who wants the business disruptions and hassles of a roof tear-off? Fortunately, standing seam metal roofing can almost always be installed over the old roof with no tear-off. No mess, no fuss. No tear-off means we save time and that saves you money.

Once we’ve installed your new roof, you can expect years of virtually maintenance-free enjoyment. With 20 years of experience with all types of roofing materials, we’ll recommend a plan for your building using the best materials and we’ll give you a free estimate. The owner of our company is always present on every job site. You’ll find us on Angie’s List and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We install standing seam roofing in Spirit Lake, IA, Burnsville, MN and Sioux Falls, SD and the surrounding areas.

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