Standing seam metal roofs are durable and energy efficient.

Standing seam metal roofs are durable and energy efficient.

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For Durability And More, Choose A Standing Seam Metal Roofs

If you are looking for roofing material that offers the protection youd expect, plus offers other qualities such as weather resistance, energy efficiency, and ease of handling, a standing seam metal roof may be your answer. Standing seam metal roofs raise the seams of metal panels above the materials underneath to keep moisture away. Since seams are the weakest part of the roof, this is a great advantage. Some projects used for standing seam roofs have a backing that absorbs any moisture that seeps through, as surface water flows toward roof drains. This type of roof usually has no horizontal seams and fewer vertical seams to attract moisture.

Standing still metal roofs are intended for slopes as gentle as ¼ inch, but they are usually installed on roofs with pictures of 2:12 or less, which means 2 feet of vertical rise for every 12 feet of horizontal rise. The panel are usually 12 to 19 inches wide. Sheets of material can be as long as 85 feet when ordered from the roll former, and but you can even fabricate straight or curved panels at the installation site with mobile forming machines.

What Standing Seam Metal Roofing Is Made Of

A standing steel metal roof is made of Galvalume-steel or aluminum panels with raised ribs every 6 to 12 inches that are created when metal sheets are processed through a roll forming machine. The resulting panels are crimped together and then are secured to the roof substructure with concealed clips. These clips are screwed to the substructure and anchored at the ends of panels and at roof penetrations with fasteners that bore down into the roof decking. Installers use several patterns when fastening the seams, but the fasteners are always hidden while the seams are raised or standing, instead of flush mounted.

Installed to enhance the appearance of a structure, standing seam metal roofs retain their good looks throughout their life. Available in an array of colors, they can be installed to blend in with nearby buildings or stand out. As they are intended to top off a building with style, you can install the panels in either direction or develop a pattern using vertical or horizontal placements in the design.

Installation Methods:

There are four main types of seams used in standing raised roofs:

  • Mechanically-seamed hydrostatic panels: Also known as a structural standing seam roof, hydrostatic panels are crimped with a mechanical seaming tool for superior uplift resistance in a windstorm.
  • Symmetrical-mechanically seamed panels: This installation method employs both the crimping used with hypostatic panels for toughness and clips for versatility.
  • One-piece snaplock: Panels snap together without any additional seaming. Though this type can blow upward in a windstorm, it is effective for deck applications with slope gradients of 3 to 12 or more.
  • Two-piece snaplock: Two panels are joined together by a cap or batten that snaps down onto a clip to conceal the joint. Two-piece snaplock insulation allows panels to be installed bidirectional, especially on tapered and curved roof. Since this method requires a solid deck and underlayment, it is more costly than other insulation techniques.

Insulation Challenges

Installation is easy and economical, as you can start from any point on the roof and deploy multiple crews of workers at different points on the roof to reduce installation time. However, walking on a steep metal roof, especially if it is wet, can be dangerous, so you need to have excellent safety measures in place for the crew. You can work around vents, chimneys, skylights and equipment mounted on the roof, but this can be challenging.

10 reasons To Choose A Standing Seam Metal Roof

  1. Appearance: As noted above, a standing seam metal roof is distinctive and visually appealing. Even homeowners are choosing this type of roofing on their contemporary homes.
  2. Durability: Roofing companies offer a 20 year guarantee for reason. This product will last for many years due to the material that comprises it. Metal roofs are fire resistant and not subject to collapse from heavy water or snow loads.
  3. Versatility: With many styles available, standing seam metal roofs work on virtually all buildings and can even be installed over existing roofs.
  4. Lightweight: The system as little additional weight to the building as the may weigh as little as 1.5 pounds per square foot. Since a standing seam roofing system weighs less than other materials they are particularly appropriate for retrofit roof jobs as the existing structure is usually more than enough to support them.
  5. Cost Benefits: While installation is costly, particularly if you use the newest symmetrical mechanically seamed panel insulation system, the roof needs fewer repairs and less maintenance than other types. The properties of the roof lead to potentially lower insurance rates.
  6. Adaptability to the Weather: As the roof panels expand and contract, the attachment clips move too, which lessens the stress on the panels. Since the screws are not exposed, they are less likely to fail and allow water to seep in. Even if lightning strikes the roof, the metal roof disperses the energy to reduce potential damage.
  7. Low Maintenance: Featuring link proof panels, the system is resistant to rot and gusts of wind up to 140 mph. The link resistant nature of a standing seam metal roof eliminates other potential maintenance issues, such as mold cleanup from leaks. The material does not need painting, but can be painted if you wish to change the color or cover scratches.
  8. Reduced Noise Levels: Metal roofs are quiet, especially when insulated.
  9. Energy Efficiency: The roof can be fitted with any amount of insulation to reduce utility bills and prevent moisture buildup. By selecting a light color or painting the roof a color that reflects the sun, the material can reduce cooling costs by up to 30%. When this reflective property is coupled with the ability to dissipate any heat absorbed into the panel, the result is considered a “cool roof.”
  10. Environmental Impact: Many roofs are made of 50 to 70% recycled materials. If they are removed, the metal is nearly 100% recyclable for future use.

Call Summit City Roofing For Installation And Maintenance

Looking to add a durable standing seam metal roof to your building? Summit City Roofing has 20 years of commercial roofing success in the Fort Wayne area. We can inspect your current roof and estimate the cost of installing state-of-the-art standing seam roofing to your building. We even offer maintenance plans to keep your roof in tip-top shape.

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