Standing Seam

Standing Seam

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

When youre design requires a roofing system that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound, choose one of MBCIs six standing seam metal roof systems. An SSR system from MBCI is one of the most durable and weathertight roof systems available in the industry.

MBCI offers two types of standing seam metal roof systems: vertical leg structural standing seam metal roof systems and trapezoidal structural standing seam metal roof systems.

Vertical Leg Structural Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

The LokSeam, BattenLok HS, SuperLok and Curved BattenLok standing seam metal roof systems blend the aesthetics of an architectural panel with the strength of the structural panel. These panels have earned several UL uplift ratings, assuring the reliability of performance. They also provide flexibility to meet design challenges.

Each of these standing seam metal roof systems is designed to be installed over open framing. However, the MBCI LiteFrame, 5/8-inch plywood or a composite roof assembly may be used as alternate substructures. LokSeam must be installed on roof slopes of 3:12 or greater. BattenLok HS and SuperLok must be installed on roof slopes of :12 or greater. Curved BattenLok can be installed on Radii down to 20.

Trapezoidal Structural Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

The snap-together system, Ultra-Dek, and field-seamed system, Double-Lok, were designed from concept to completion for strength, durability and weatherability. The standing seams are three inches above the lowest part of the panel, well above the water level as it flows off the roof.

The rake/gable at both ends of each roof system finish with a 3-inch high standing seam, avoiding the necessity of finishing in the low, flat part of the panel where the greatest possibilities for leaks occur in many other systems.

Ultra-Dek and Double-Lok panels can be installed before or after the exterior walls are in place. All trim is attached after the roof is installed. With a recommended minimum slope of :12, these standing seam metal roof systems can be used on all types of construction, including metal, masonry or wood, for either new construction or retrofit.

Concealed Fastening Systems

All of MBCIs standing seam metal roof systems are concealed fastened systems. A choice of concealed fastened clips is available for each vertical leg system, including UL-rated clips. These clips hold the panels firmly in place without unsightly exposed fasteners. Each clip system offers the ability to accommodate thermal movement.

The standard offering for the Ultra-Dek and Double-Lok systems is a sliding clip that allows for thermal movement. A 4-inch sliding clip is available for the Double-Lok system, which in many cases, can eliminate roof steps on a double slope building up to 900 feet wide or a single slope building up to 450 feet wide. These clips are available in high and low versions for use with different thicknesses of vinyl-backed fiberglass insulation. A 2 stand off clip is also available for the Double-Lok roof system. This clip allows the placement of 6 of fiberglass insulation and 1 thermal spacer between the roof panel and the purlin or joist, a requirement for several climate zones under he new energy codes.

Uplift Ratings

Each standing seam metal roof system carries the Underwriters Laboratories Fire Resistance and Wind Uplift (UL 90) ratings covering a wide range of roof designs. In addition, the Double-Lok and SuperLok systems meet a variety of ratings as tested under FM Global Corporation Standard 4471. The BattenLok HS, SuperLok, Curved BattenLok and Double-Lok systems have met all test requirements specified in CEGS 07416 / ASTM E 1592 Standing Seam Metal Roof System guide specification.

Weathertight Roof Systems

Special clips are available allowing for thermal roof expansion and contraction during extreme temperature changes. All trim is both weathertight and aesthetically pleasing, giving the roof a nice finished appearance.

Standing Seam

Factory-applied sealant in the panel sidelap ensures a tight, secure weathertight lap whether it is a snap-together or field-seamed system.

NOTE: As with all standing seam metal roof systems, sound attenuation (e.g. blanket insulation) is required between the panel and the substructure to prevent roof rumble during windy conditions. Some composite roof systems may require additional acoustical consideration to ensure that thermal vibration noises are isolated from the buildings interior. Contact your architect and/or engineer for proper acoustical design.

Curved BattenLok

When your roof calls for a curved standing seam metal roof, Curved BattenLok is an ideal choice. The Curved BattenLok profile is a water shedding, curved standing seam metal roof system with a 2-inch tall standing seam that is field-seamed during the installation process. Striations are standard and added for aesthetic value.

Curved BattenLok may be curved to a minimum radius of 20 feet. Curved BattenLok is a structural roofing panel and may be installed directly over purlins or joists. This curved standing seam metal roof system also may be installed over wood decks and metal decks with rigid insulation. Open framing applications eliminate costly curved deck surfaces and membrane underlayments. For large projects and/or long panels, the curving process for the curved standing seam metal roof system may best be accomplished at the job site.

Curved BattenLok Product Information

  • Coverage Width 16
  • Panel Attachment Concealed Fastening System; Low, High (fixed or floating), Utility (no insulation clearance)
  • Gauge 24 (standard)
  • Finishes Smooth Striated (standard)
  • Coatings Galvalume Plus, Signature 200, Signature 300


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