What Types of Shoes Are for Working on a Metal Roof eHow

What Types of Shoes Are for Working on a Metal Roof eHow

The Hazard

Metal roofing can be excessively slippery if your footwear is not designed to grip a metal surface. A steeply pitched roof exacerbates the danger because one slip can result in a long slide ending in a nasty fall to the ground. A safety harnesses, properly tied off and a wooden crossbeam attached to the roof help somewhat, but the adequate grip provided by specially designed footwear is still essential. Three basic footwear solutions are available to meet the needs of people who must navigate a metal roof.

Special Spikes

The workboot-mounted sandals can be fitted with threaded spikes to provide more grip on wet metal surfaces. For easily perforated metal roofing, soft aluminum threaded spikes are best. For tradesmen whose work surfaces often change, the spikes can be removed from the strap-on sandals using an optional replacement tool. For wearers who will be working only on metal surfaces, some safety footwear comes equipped with stationary, non-removable soft aluminum spikes.

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What Types of Shoes Are for Working on a Metal Roof eHow

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