Atlanta Roofing Specialists Atlanta Roof Replacement, Atlanta Roofing Company

Atlanta Roofing Specialists Atlanta Roof Replacement, Atlanta Roofing Company

A top quality roof doesnt COST you money, it SAVES you money!

Many roofing companies will tell you they can give you the cheapest price in town, but dont be fooled, the cheapest price is very rarely good quality. A cheap roof replacement usually consists of low-grade materials installed by inexperienced, un-insured installers. They commonly use air guns to hide the fact that they cant even use a hammer and nail efficiently.

A top quality roof replacement consists of the highest-grade materials available, and is installed by experienced installers who have years of experience replacing roofs of all types and size. Our crews have extensive knowledge of all types of roofing and the possible issues that may arise during the course of a job and all of our workers are fully insured for your protection. We also have experienced supervisors on-site to maintain communications with the customer at all times to assure all of your concerns are addressed and handled in a professional, timely manner.

Components of a top quality roof replacement system include:

A thorough roof evaluation performed by a knowledgeable roofing professional.

A proposal that details exactly what you are getting for your money and addresses all of your concerns, with a base price and any possible extra charges clearly listed.

A full office and support staff to answer any questions or concerns while you are awaiting your roof installation.

A proper site inspection prior to installation of the roof to identify and address all areas of concern and any possible issues that may need special attention or consideration.

Proper site preparation including protection of the structure and landscaping.

Complete removal of old roofing and underlayment down to the decking underneath.

Proper inspection and repair of deteriorated decking, including re-fastening of loose decking if needed.

Installation of a high quality, breathable underlayment.

Installation of high quality ice & water shield underlayment in all valleys around all penetrations and all low slopes for extra protection against ice dams and wind driven rain.

Installation of high quality — class A roofing materials, purchased from distributors that specialize in roofing materials to assure proper handling and storage prior to shipping.

Assure proper placement and installation of shingle fasteners. The most common reason for premature roof failure is installation error. The most common installation error is improper fastening of the shingles. All of our shingle roofs are HAND-NAILED to assure proper nail placement and consistent quality. See Why we hand-nail .

Installation of high quality accessories that match the life expectancy of the roofing materials selected, including new pipe flashings and painting metal vents to match roof.

Atlanta Roofing Specialists Atlanta Roof Replacement, Atlanta Roofing Company

Installation of new heavy ga. aluminum step & counter flashing (when applicable) at all chimney and wall transitions.

Installation of venting per manufacturer specifications to assure proper ventilation of excess heat and moisture from attic space.

Blowing off of roof, gutters, downspouts and driveway.

Touch up painting of any siding, trim or gutters that had to be detached and reset.

Spotless clean up of any job related debris including sweeping yard with magnets to pick up any loose nails.

Inspection by job supervisor with roofing crew foreman.

Final inspection by a knowledgeable roofing professional with the customer.

No money down and no payment until the job is complete and you are satisfied!

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