Bethlehem Contractor Tips in Finding a Roof Leak Lehigh Valley Roofing

Bethlehem Contractor Tips in Finding a Roof Leak Lehigh Valley Roofing

on November 16, 2013

If you’re in need of information and tips for solving your roof leak problem at home, you need to understand that the very first thing you need to do is find the leak. If you are living in Bethlehem PA, our reliable Bethlehem contractor gives you the most basic yet valuable tips on finding a roof leak and eventually doing something in order to fix it and prevent the same from happening all over again.

If you see water stains that extend from your ceilings to the run down walls, there’s a chance you’re having a roof leak. And so, what’s the big deal, right? For most homeowners, a small or minor leak does not do any harm, especially when the rain does not really visit every single day. But the truth is ignoring one little leak will most likely result to more serious problems later on. You see, leaks are caused by different scenarios but it is highly possible that you have badly damaged or deteriorated roofing shingles.

Tracking down and searching for the leak is actually the most difficult part of roof repair. The moment you see them though, the repair or fixes are a lot easier. So read on in order to know these simple tricks in finding as well as repairing the most common types of roof leaks.

Small Harmless Leaks Lead to Major Problems

The idea is really simple: if you see a roof leak, you have no choice but to fix it the soonest time possible. This is true even if the same leak doesn’t actually bother you or perhaps because you’re contemplating on having a new roof installed by next year. You may not know it but even for a very short period of time, small leaks will eventually correspond to bigger problems including but not limited to mold, rotted framing, damaged insulation, and destroyed ceilings, provided you dont do your own roof leak repair in time. If and only you can deal with the leak, then there’s no need for bigger expenses later on.

Bethlehem Contractor Tips in Finding a Roof Leak Lehigh Valley Roofing

When you begin tracking down a leak, you need to start your search at the roof uphill from the stains. What you should be looking for is roof penetrations. Stuff that penetrates the roof is generally considered as the biggest and most prevalent cause of leaks. As a matter of fact, it is uncommon for leaks to surface in open areas where there are uninterrupted shingles. So what are the examples of penetrations? You have roof and plumbing vents, chimneys, dormers, and many others. These penetrations may be situated in several feet from the leak, be it above or in the sides.

Should you have access to the attic, the best and most convenient way to finding a roof leak is to go there, and keep in mind it is a crucial aspect of roofing maintenance. You have to bring with you a flashlight in order to clearly see the entire space. What you’re looking for in the attic are black marks, water stains, or even the buildup of mold.

Supposed you still can’t find the source of the leak, you can hire someone to assist you below while you go to the roof and bring along a garden hose. By starting on a low position, the area has to be soaked just above where the leak appears under. What you have to do is isolate areas when you are running the hose. Your assistant should stay inside the house while waiting for any drip to finally surface. You have to run the hose for a couple of minutes in a specific area and then move up farther. The assistant should pronounce or probably yell in order to inform you that the drip is already visible. The entire process may take more than an hour in some instances but you get to successfully locate the leak and deal with it. If you think the job of fixing it is too difficult for you, you can always call in the Bethlehem roofing contractors to fix it for you.

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