- Frequently Asked Questions

- Frequently Asked Questions

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Even though thatch has been used for centuries throughout the world, there are a lot of common misconceptions about this roofing method. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions;

Q. Does it really keep out water?

A. Yes. A thatched roof can keep out water. The variables to how waterproof a roof is are the density that the thatch is installed at and how steep the roof is.

Q. How long does it take to thatch a roof?

A. The answer to this question will be determined by how big the roof is and the density at which the roof is to be thatched however, for the normal size structures used in Australia it is common that the thatching part of the job will take 1 to 2 days for people who are inexperienced with the product.

Q. How is the product held down?

A. Traditionally, Indonesian thatch is installed onto bamboo rafter roof structures and when installed on these structures the product is tied on using traditional slithers of bamboo. In Australia it is normal that structures would be sawn timber rafter structures and for an installation on structures of this type a simple nail on solution was developed about 25 years ago and this procedure has proven to be the easiest and best suited method for use in Australia (detailed instructions are provided with orders).

Q : Can it be put on existing structures?

A. Yes, however a pitch of 30 degrees is a minimum requirement for a thatch roof to ensure sufficient water run-off. The pitch of an exiting structure may be built up to achieve the proper angle. Installation onto structures which are below this specification have been successfully done over the years however, the ability to provide a waterproof structure is comprimised and steps need to be taken to minimise product movement in high winds.

Q. Can the product be fire retarded?

A : Yes, however it should be remembered that fire retardant chemicals are retardants not fire stoppers, properly applied retardants slow the spread of fire however, fires which are provided with accellerants will not be extinguished by the use of these chemicals. In fire prone locations the addition of a small butterfly sprinkler to the top of the roof, connected to the reticulation system will allow the top surface of the roof to be wet and in most circumstances this action will prevent ignition from falling embers.

Q. Are products free from pests?

A. Yes, Australian quarantine requires that the product be fully treated as a condition of entry to Australia and therefore the product is free from pests. The annual treatment of the underside of the roof with a proprietary surface spray (available from supermarkets) will ensure that your structure remains insect and spider free.

Q : Does the thatch require maintenance?

A. The thatch requires no maintenance or cleaning.

Q. Can anyone install a thatch roof?

- Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, the installation is only a hammer and nails job and we provide detailed instructions and support for first time installers. Additionally we have pre-made hip corners to ensure that the completion of your structure is a simple task no matter what the shape of the structure.

Q. How long will the thatch roofing last?

A. The life of a thatch roof is determined by how steep the roof is, how close the thatch is installed, are there any trees or branches which may rub on the roof, how windy is the location of the installation? In Indonesia the thatch is installed at very close spacings for habitable buildings and in this situation it is not unusual for the roof to last 25 years however, in Australia we would normally not create habitable buildings and we would also not normally install the product at extremely close spacings however, at the spacings used for outdoor structures it is not unusual for the roof to last 10 to 15 years.

Q. Do you have product in stock at all times?

A. Yes.

Q. If I want something special, can you help ?

A: Yes, we are happy to arrange special order procurement when required. Please discuss your requirements with us.

Q. Does the Thatch Roofing Company accept credit cards?

A. Yes, we accept Mastercard and Visa.

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