How to Stain Lattice or Wood The Easy Way in Under an Hour

How to Stain Lattice or Wood The Easy Way in Under an Hour

I told you that I kinda, sorta, maybe, sometimes ignore the outside of my house.

Well, a couple weeks ago it seemed as if spring was finally arriving here (it was a trick though!). It was sunny, it was nearly 70 degrees and the kid was at preschool (thank heaven).

I certainly did not want to coop myself up in front of this computer all day. I thought it was a good time to spruce-up the porch a bit seeing as how I have not touched it since its makeover nearly three years ago. And when I did do the makeover, I got pregnant half-way through and failed to touch the lattice on account of being tired all the time.

At least thats the excuse Im giving.

So, on that beautiful day a couple weeks ago, I figured out how to stain wood the easy way and gave my lattice a much needed refresh.

How to Stain Wood the Easy Way

Seriously yall, excluding drying time, this whole project took less than an hour.

I have no idea when the last time was that this lattice had been touched.

I hadnt touched it since we bought the foreclosure and the house had sat vacant for a year before we got it. I know that the previous owner did not build the porch onto the front of the house, so Im not sure if they ever spruced up the lattice or not.

Either way, the lattice definitely needed a facelift.

Ok, so lets be real for a moment. Who really wants to stain lattice by hand? Do you see all those criss-crosses, nooks, and crannies? It would have taken forever for me to do this by hand. Like two days worth of preschool and aint nobody got time for that. The kid only goes to preschool two days a week and I need every second of that time to accomplish multiple projects.

Yep, its just like spray paint, except its stain.

To do the lattice, I didnt tape anything off. I just took a piece of cardboard and held it up against the top of the lattice to keep the stain from getting on the painted wood. There were some places where the stain got on the painted wood, but it just wipes right off while wet or its an easy touch-up. Please excuse the fact that there is no picture showing me staining the lattice. I was all alone and I figured the roofers next door wouldnt take time out of their work day to help a sister out.

Here is a during photo though. The lattice on the left had just gotten the first coat and was still wet.

Seriously yall, Im a little embarrassed to show you that photo. I dont think I realized how bad the lattice was until I saw that huge difference.

How to Stain Lattice or Wood The Easy Way in Under an Hour

I did two coats total and it took about three cans for all of the lattice.

Grunt Labor was quite impressed that I took some outdoor initiative when he got home. I didnt tell him how easy it was. I just said I had worked all day and couldnt possibly cook supper. hehehehe

There you have it, how to stain wood the easy way.

You can find Thompsons WaterSeal spray stain at Wal-Mart and on Amazon *.

Now, I no longer have an excuse to neglect the outdoors. But please, dont tell Grunt Labor about my secret weapon!

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