IKO Felt Shingles for Log Cabins

IKO Felt Shingles for Log Cabins

We only use the best felt tiles and these are the best. Please click on the logo for the manufacturers website

We only supply the best and IKO is the world renowned leader of felt shingles. Used all over the world they will protect your log cabin or garden building. We are one of the largest suppliers of IKO across Europe and as such we offer the largest range in the UK ast the very best prices.

Often we even have free offers on across our log cabins and other garde buildings and structures, look out for them!

  • Each pack of shinlges will cover an area of 3 m.sq.
  • For flat roofs is it a simple calculation of length x breadth / 3
  • For Apex roofs we use an approximate calculation of ( (length x breadth) x 1.3 ) / 3 to give you the number of packets needed which will also include enough for a double layer on the first row and enough to complete the ridges.

We have shingles available in the following colours and styles:

Straight Felt Tile Shingles:

  • 40.9970 Black Straight Shingles
  • 40.9971 Red Straight Shingles
  • 40.9972 Green Straight Shnigles
  • 40.9973 Blue Straight Shnigles
  • IKO Felt Shingles for Log Cabins
  • 40.9974 Brown Straight Shingles
  • Grey Straight Shingles (UK only)

Beaver tail, Curved Shingles:

  • 40.9980 Black Curved shingles
  • 40.9981 Red Curved Shnigles
  • 40.9982 Green Curved Shnigles

Hexagonal IKO Shingles:

  • 40.9985 Black Hexagonal Shingles
  • 40.9986 Red Hexagonal Shingles
  • 40.9987 Green Hexagonal Shingles

We also have other colours and styles offered as free options with many of our log cabins and garden structures from time to time, colours and styles can vary according to the seasons. Keep an eye out for our offers and save on average 180.00 on your log cabin.

Log Cabins and Garden Buildings Installation

Generally we do not see the need for the placement of a membrane (roofing felt or IKO underlay for all garden buildings as it is not generally necessary for leisure buildings and has not been recommended for over 15 yeears.

However IKO now DO recommend this.

They are recommending IKO Glass Fibre Underlay 20m (Type 3B) which we can supply. This is similar to a standard roofing felt and if you are chooseing to use a membrane we would recommend felt over the IKO membrane.

We leave this up to you the customer to decide if you need an extra layer of felt or membrane under your shingles. Whatever you require we can supply the shingles, roofing felt or the recommended membrane. Please see the Roofing Felt page for the membrane option.

Each tile has a bitumen strip which melts in the heat of the sun securing your shingles. As an option we offer felt shingle glue and this is also now recommended by IKO for use on the ridge tiles.

However, as installers of log cabins over many, many years we have found neither to be always necessary but we leave it up to you and IKO recommendations and can only support their recommendations as a retailer of their product.

In exposed areas, the coast, highlands etc we always recommend the application of glue on the leading edge of each roof tile regardless.

Further Installation Advice of the IKO shingles


If you require further advice on shingles please let us know.

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