Modified Bitumen roof Archives — Flat Roof Repair and installation of rubber roofs

Modified Bitumen roof Archives - Flat Roof Repair and installation of rubber roofs

Which Rubber Roof is best for a Flat Roof?

There are three types of roofing materials used for flat roofs. We specialize in Modified Bitumen Membranes. Many roofers will sell the EPDM  roof as the a choice because they dont have experience in the other roofing products.They prefer EPDM because its easier to install. Over 20 years we have installed  all Flat Roof systems, we prefer Modified Bitumen membrane because its the best roofing material out there.

Modified Bitumen Membrane torch down with white granules surface to protect it from Ultra Violets and keep the roof cooler

  1. Heat welding verses glue The glue that bonds the EPDM rUbber at the seems is affected by heat and sun and deteriorates over time.
  2. When it comes to maintenance Its far easier and less skills needed to repair a MB rubber roof than EPDM or TPO roof.

Modified Rubber roofs can be install over any other roof or surface without much preparation.

Modified Bitumen will last longer without maintenance than all the other roofing systems..

  • EPDM and TPO has a big shrinkage problem over time. That is what will pull away from the wall and flashing. Not so much with MB.
  • A roof gets abused by Maintenance people air conditioning, cleaners and snow removal people. Modified Bitumen Rubber can withstand most of these abuses.
  • The MB rubbe ris tougher and can withstand snow shovels better than the EPDM or TPO membranes.
  • Modified Bitumen rubber life expectancy is far greater than EPDM or TPO membranes without trouble.
  • This type of rubber roof is very tough and durable. When it comes to commercial roofs, then this is the choice material because it is expected to have service and maintenance people on it constantly.

    If they happen to drop nails and screws it will not be a problem if someone would step on it unlike on a EPDM rubber roof.

    Installing Modified Bitumen rubber roofs are pretty straight forward. There are techniques as in any roofing material that should be followed to ensure a solid roof over many years. The problem is that many roofing companies have stuck to EPDM rubber and never got familiar with Modified Bitumen rubber roofs.

    Installing modified bitumen rubber over an existing roof is very easy. With EPDM rubber this is not possible.

    Installing a Modified Bitumen rubber roof is also lest costly than EPDM. Since the material is tougher it can be installed over almost any surface unlike EPDM rubber roofs. As long as the flashing is exposed and most of the loose debris is removed on a existing surface, you can install the modified bitumen membrane straight onto an existing roof material.

    Modified Bitumen Rubber Membranes

    SBS polymer -modified bitumen membranes This is a cold apply process. The tar gets mopped down and the membrane is rolled out over this liquid tar that will then adhere it together and to the sub roof.

    APP polymer -modified bitumen membranes This is the Torch or Heat applied Rubber membrane. This is the most flexible and durable system.

    Roofing Contractors shy away from these material due to inexperience with heat welding and using a Torch.

    This is where the men are separated from the boys. Most roofers have little experience in other roofing systems than EPDM. Thats why they will only sell what they know. Continue reading

    Videos on roofs we did.

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