New Roofs & Repairs in Cape Town, Western Cape

New Roofs & Repairs in Cape Town, Western Cape

We are a Cape Town based roofing repairs service operating in the Western Cape region. We are specialist in repairing roof leaks of all kinds. Avoid more water damage to your property. Let us repair those roof leaks professionally. Our teams of roofing repair experts will have the leaks sorted out with fast and efficient service.

Using the highest quality products, and adhering strictly to manufacturers roofing guidelines, our supervised teams will have your leaking roof repaired in a very short space of time, with friendly helpful staff members who have years of installation and repair experience.

New Roofs

If you are building a new home, factory or office or extending your existing one, we are stocked with the latest roofing supplies and can supply you with competitive prices. We supply the following components;

  1. Wall plates
  2. Roof trusses
  3. Valleys
  4. Hip rafters
  5. Battens
  6. Eaves
  7. Tilting
  8. Fascias
  9. Verge counters
  10. Tie Beams
  11. Sprocket ends
  12. Bracing
  13. Apex
  14. Junctions
  15. Rafters
  16. Hip counter battens
  17. Valley counter battens

Roof Repairs / Replacement

We have a wide range of  tiles, wooden and metal components to repair or replace all damaged fittings on your property. We have aligned ourselves with some of thelargest and most trusted suppliers of roof tiles, roof sheeting and trusses to cater for all your repair requirements. This is to allow us to give you, the client, the most cost effective, high standard product. Coupled with our workmanship, we can provide you with a long lasting repair solution.

Roof Cleaning

We have a proven track record in the industry and have serviced buildings large and small in the Western Cape. We offer High Pressure Cleaning and Anti-Fungal Treatment. The cleaning process is fast and efficient with attention to cleaning up constantly with our high standard of workmanship.

Roof Painting

Painting of a roof is critical for its total life expectancy and endurance. In many cases small leaks and roof blemishes are repaired after a good cleaning process followed by a complete re-coat of roof paint (click image to the right to view paint colours ). As with all of our work, we pay special attention to our waterproofing process, and ensure all possible points of entry for water are sealed permanently.

The products used are industry standard, and with our workmanship, and the suppliers warranty, you can rest assured of the perfect and lasting finish.

Repairs / Replacement of Fascia Boards

We repair, replace and install all types of Fascia Boards  (click image to the right to view paint colours ).

Our quality of workmanship and fast turnaround services ensures you will be happy and the finished result in a short space of time.

Replacement / Refurbishments of Guttering Systems

In conjunction with our other services, we can also replace or repair your guttering system, down pipes and spreaders. We have a range of colours to match to your existing roof. Even if the exterior of your guttering system seems pristine, they still require cleaning and sealing every few years.

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