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Roof Restoration & Roofing Experts - Reliance Roof Restoration

Dont contact anyone about restoring, replacing, or repairing your roof until you read these shocking facts

  1. Up to 50% of roofing jobs carried out by roof restoration companies dont solve the problem that the home owner had originally engaged the company to solve!
  2. Up to 20% of roof replacements are faulty, with many leaking in the first big storm.
  3. Over 30% of roof repairs dont fix the original problem that the home owner had asked the company to fix.

The roofing and roof restoration industry is, unfortunately, flooded with companies and tradespeople who are only interested in selling you a roof restoration or new roof, without giving any attention to what the roof actually needs .

Dont waste your money engaging just anyone to solve your roofing problem. You need a company who pays painstaking attention to detail, gives outstanding customer service, and is focused on solving your problem.

Roof Restoration & Roofing Experts - Reliance Roof Restoration

At Reliance, were committed to giving you what your roof needs. That may be a roof restoration or new roof. or it might be just a simple repair. Or perhaps its a series of repairs. Either way, when you contact us about your roof, you can rest assured that your money will not be wasted.

We have offices in Brisbane and Sydney, and regional branches in Gosford, Campbelltown, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, and Toowoomba. And we have qualified and experienced professionals in all of those branches. Rest assured that there is someone who can come out and assess your roof and give you a FREE quote with absolutely NO OBLIGATION whatsoever. You see, thats the other thingwe dont use high pressure and we dont try and push a job on you that you dont need.

With over 8000 satisfied customers we have earned the reputation as the go to company for top quality roof restoration and the best customer service in the industry. Dont worry, thats not some empty promise. We really are focussed on treating you, the client, with the utmost respect and giving you a pleasant experience.

You are fully protected by our amazing 10 year warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Reliance Roof Restoration offers the most comprehensive and transparent warranty in the industry with no fine print or weasel out clauses. Our warranty will give you the ultimate peace of mind.

So contact us today for a FREE quote with absolutely NO OBLIGATION .

Thanks for the fantastic job you guys did restoring our roof, it really has brought new found life to our home. We feel its also increased our propertys value were glad we went ahead with it. However, there is one thing I do regret and thats not coming across you guys earlier. The damage to my ceilings caused from a leaky roof was something which could have been avoided had we maintained our roof correctly. Thanks for everything Reliance, we couldnt have dreamt a better outcome.

Edward and Elizabeth from Chermside West

Thank you for the beautiful job that was completed on our roof and gutters on our home in Scullin St Collingwood Park. Your friendly, honest and professional approach to the job was a credit to you all. Special thanks to Jake, his work was well worth waiting for. Good luck to everyone in the future.

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