Roofing Contractors Delaware in Bear, DE

Roofing Contractors Delaware in Bear, DE

Real Stories

Just recently a regular customer of A. Parker Contracting notified us they were selling their home. Their home was on the market for 2 years and had not been sold. They asked for our assistance. We suggested installing a new roof and paint the siding and trim. The house sold one month later and they got their asking price.

A realtor in New Castle County notified A Parker Contracting that she was selling a home that needed a roof replaced. Our professions were able to replace the roof and paint the house. She was able to sell the home for an additional $25,000 above asking price. Curb appeal is everything.

A previous customer that we worked on her roofing and installation has seen a dramatic change in her electricity bills. Since we added polyurethane foam installation, siliconed her windows, and installed energy star approved architectural shingles, she has been saving over $100 per month on her electricity bill.

Roofing Contractors Delaware — Repair or Replace?

A roof separates you and your family from mother nature. When the roof is damaged, it can leave your home susceptible to extensive damages such as rotten wood, black mold, and installation decomposition. If damages are caught and repaired early, roofing contractors, such as A. Parker Contracting, can save yourself thousands of dollars.

Replacing a roof can be expensive, but in most cases the roof can be repaired. Our roofing contractors at A. Parker Contracting will come out to evaluate the extent of damage to your roof. We will give you a free competitive estimate. We factor in the age of the roof, the amount of materials needed to make the repair, and how long the repair will take. We can replace missing shingles, silicone vents and flashings and can also put a sealant over the shingles to extend the life of the roof. Extend the life of your roofing with A. Parker Contracting; roofing contractors in Delaware .

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Getting Rid of Those Ugly Black Streaks

In areas with high humidity, such as the Tri-state area, unsightly black mold and algae growth runs rampid on roof tops. Mold and algae does not damage the shingles but it affects your home’s appearance and resale value. Our roofing contractors in Delaware can clean shingles with products that kill the mold and algae. Then our roofers use low pressure, high volume pressure washing to rinse the mold and algae off. We use low pressure so we don’t damage the granualtion or life of the shingles. If your roof is older and may need replacing/repair in the near future, you may want to consider installing Architectural shingles.

Types of Shingles

There are many types of materials roofers use. Our roofers have tried and tested almost all roofing materials and found the best solutions for each customer.

Architectural Shingles

Black streaks are common on roofing. Architectural shingles have built in algae resistance to keep the black streaks off your roof. They are a cost-effective solution and now come with a life-time warranty. They are energy star approved to keep the temperatures inside your home stable. Our roofing contractors in Delaware will help you choose from a variety of colors including browns, greys, greens, reds, whites, and black. Architectural shingles are the most modern aesthetic look.

Roofing Contractors Delaware in Bear, DE

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing has the longest life span of most roofing materials. If choosing slate for your Delaware roofing, it may be the last roof you will need to replace. Many customers are happy with the overall quality and appearance of slate roofs. However, this type of roofing material is very costly. Our roofing contractors will discuss the pros and cons of slate roofing to determine if this is a solution for you. View other examples of slate roofing .

Metal Roofing

With a life-span of 75 years, metal roofing may be the last roof you will need to install. However, many people claim these roofs don’t have the same aesthetic appeal as shingle roofing. In our opinion, metal roofs are the finest roofing material you can get. Choose from a rainbow of colors. Metal roofs can also be manufactured to look like shake, slate, shingles or clay tiles. They improve your homes energy efficiency and many are made from recycled materials. Our roofing contractors can work with you in finding the perfect type of metal roofing for your home.

Low pitched (flat) roofs

Flat roofs are very susceptible to leaks because water tends to collect in pools on top of the roof. Our roofing contractors Delaware use EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer  (M-class) rubber) rubber to cover seams. It has a glue down seam, so it’s virtuallity seamless. Our roofers choose this granulated rubber because it is one of the highest quality rubber on the market. Also, the adhesive, unlike the old torched down rubber, reduces the risk of fire.

A less expensive option for flat roofs is roll roofing, a granualated rubber. It’s a cheaper quality and doesn’t last as long. If you are on a tight budget this material might be a good option for your roofing in Delaware.

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