Roofing Contractors Jacksonville FLRoof RepairsRoofers James Shelton Roofing

Roofing Contractors Jacksonville FLRoof RepairsRoofers James Shelton Roofing

Many people are not sure when they really need roofing Jacksonville FL services. Sometimes it is obvious, such as when you have leaks. But other times it may not be as obvious as one would think.

At James Shelton Roofing, we handle:

New Construction & Re-Roofing Services:

General contractors, architects, and developers trust James Shelton Roofing in Jacksonville FL to provide the most cost effective roofing solutions for every building need.

Our thorough product knowledge allows our clients to explore all roofing options within the parameters of their budgets.

Our integrated support staff coordinates all departments, serving as a single source of responsibility.

Throughout construction, deadlines are met while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

We offer a two year limited warranty on workmanship in tandem with the manufacturers product warranty.

    We are certified installers of the following Manufacturures:

Johns Manville™ • WP Hickman™ • Carlisle™ • Tamko™

JP Stevens™ • Genflex™ • GAF™ • Versico™

It is much better to recognize when you need roof repairs in Jacksonville FL, before leaks and hazards occur. Sometimes you may want to consider replacing your roof before major concerns come to the front. It is important to inspect your roof occasionally to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Things to Look For:

There are several things you should keep an eye out for on your roof. If you notice any of these things you should contact Jacksonville roofers for estimates:

  • Damaged flashing
  • Missing or bald shingles
  • Curling, blistering, buckling, or rotting of shingles
  • Algae growth

If any of these things occur in patches, your roof may be able to be repaired. However, if any of this is common throughout the entire roof, it may be time to replace it. Never get up on your roof for a thorough inspection. This is dangerous and is better left to roofing contractors in Jacksonville FL. Instead, climb a ladder and scan your roof from the ladder to see if any of these flaws are present.

Re-Roofing: Jacksonville FL

James Shelton Roofings ability to maintain total project control over every phase of a re-roofing project, from demolition to new roof installation, offers exceptional advantages.

Our personnel inspect the building substrate after the old roof is removed and before the new roof is installed.

Heating and ventilation systems are carefully protected to minimize any impact on building occupants.

Our knowledge of current building codes, zoning ordinances, and fire codes helps us provide our customers with the best roofing solution for every situation.

We put a major emphasis on safety, both for our employees and for our customers. We have bi-monthly safety meetings and go beyond OSHA standards and regulations to keep our jobs safe and secure.

Knowing When to Replace Your Roof

There are several times when you might want to consider replacing the entire roof. You should consider roofing Jacksonville FL services before it is absolutely necessary, so that you don’t run into problems later. It is also best to replace your roof during the summer and fall months when there is the least precipitation.

If your roof is more than fifteen to twenty years old, it is likely time to replace it. If you aren’t sure how old the roof is on your home, check old records that may have come with the house. If you can find no record of the roof being replaced, assume that it is the original roof unless the house is very old and it is obvious it has been replaced at least once. Experienced Jacksonville FL roofers can usually determine the estimated age of a roof.

You may also want to replace your roof if the majority of it is showing a lot of wear. This can sometimes occur before the fifteen year mark, especially in regions that get a lot of harsh weather. A roofer in Jacksonville can best determine if your roof needs to be replaced or simply repaired.

What to Do Next Find a Jacksonville Roofing Company

If you feel that it is time for some repair or new roofing in Jacksonville. you should start gathering bids and proposals. The bids you get from roofing companies in Jacksonville FL should be detailed and explain exactly what needs to be done to your roof.

You can then compare these proposals and determine which company is being the most honest about what work is required, and who is providing the best price for the work to be completed. When you do your homework and compare bids, we are confident you will be happy with what James SheltonJacksonville Roofing has to offer you.

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