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Posted @ 5/30/2011 7:00 PM By Roofer

Why do I need roofing quotes?

You have finally come to realize that you need to replace your roof. You have talked to everyone from the landscaper to your brother-in Law and they have so many ideas and opinions you have become very confused. You start to call roofing contractors and ask them to come to your home so they can assist you in understanding what you have to do to replace your roof. If you are lucky and a contractor does come he will probably write his estimate out on the back of a business card. You are frustrated by the lack of professionalism with this process and become willing to take the first quote you get because you dont think you can get any other quotes for your roof.

As you are about to spend several thousand dollars on a project that should last you 30 years it is worth the effort to get three written quotes. There are several very important reasons why you need to go through the effort of getting written quotes. First when you try to compare what you are buying from each of the contractors you need to know what they are going to do for their quoted price. Knowing that one contractor is thousands of dollars less than another contractor means nothing if the less expensive contractor is not going to include the garage with his price but the first contractor has included the garage. Please remember that if a written quote does not include a particular item than it is most likely that the contractor does not intend to include that work in his scope of work.

The next thing to remember is that as you compare the quotes you can use the process to educate yourself. If a contractor has given you a unique piece of information, for example regarding which method of venting seems most appropriate, even though you do not want to use him you can go to the contractor you like and negotiate with him to include that venting method in his quote.

The next reason to get written quotes is that it will demonstrate the thoroughness of the contractor. If the contractors quote simple says that he will replace the existing roof, what does that mean? Is he going to taking off the current roof and properly dispose of it? Is he replacing any damaged plywood sheathing as part of his quote? Is he going to replace or re-use the existing flashings (around plumbing vent pipes, chimneys and skylights)? Are the replacement of the existing gutters included in the project? These are just a few very important questions that a complete written quote will answer. And differences in these items from quote to quote can have a dramatic impact on the total cost of a project. Comparing the several quotes you obtain becomes so much easier if you have each of the contractors scope of work itemized so you can compare them from one proposal to the next.

Finally, once you have taken the time to understand each quote and made your final choice of a contractor it takes no effort to convert the quote into a contract. This will protect both parties from any confusion regarding what was or was not supposed to be included in the project. Whatever is written on the quote is what is agreed to by the parties to be included in the project. No one has to try to remember if the skylights were supposed to be replaced or not because it says that they were in the quote so the matter is settled. The effort to get quotes and manage the beginning stages of your roofing project will mean that the work and payment stages will be that much easier for you as a homeowner.

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