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WarrantyInsurance - PetersenDean

Warranties are only as good as the company that holds them. When it comes to roofs and the solar systems attached to it, homeowners want to work with a reputable contractor that will do the job right the first time, and will be around in case an issue comes up. PetersenDean customer’s enjoy the confidence of a best-in-industry warranty for roofing and solar installations, backed by a 30 year history of installation excellence, financial stability and happy customers.

Set It and Forget It™ Ten Year Warranty

PetersenDean offers a comprehensive workmanship warranty unmatched by other roofing and solar companies. The PetersenDean Set It and Forget It Warranty guarantees that the roof and solar systems installed comply with the manufacturers specifications for the materials used in the roof and solar systems. During the Warranty Period PetersenDean will repair any portion of the roof and solar system installed, including parts and labor due to the installation not being in compliance with the manufacturers specifications. This warranty shall be effective for ten (10) years from the date of the initial installation.

Twenty Year Extended Solar Warranty

For additional peace of mind we offer a Twenty (20) year extended solar warranty unmatched in the solar industry. The extended solar warranty includes the standard Set It and Forget It™ Warranty for full twenty years, plus other benefits exclusively offered by PetersenDean. Included is solar system removal and replacement if you select PetersenDean for a full roof replacement during the warranty period, and inverter replacement is included. The extended warranty option is a great value for homeowners.

Solar Warranties

WarrantyInsurance - PetersenDean

No one is more qualified than a roofing contractor like PetersenDean to ensure the integrity of your roof following a solar installation. And with a business history five times longer than the average solar contractor, PetersenDean will be able to honor your integrated solar/roofing warranty. In addition to our exclusive ten year program, all PetersenDean solar installations are backed by individual manufacturers warranties on the system components. Solar panels typically carry 20- to 25-year manufacturers warranties depending on the manufacturer. Roofing product warranties vary by manufacturer and certifications held by PetersenDean

Insurance Claims

If you have experienced damage to your roof related to storms or other events it is important to work with a licensed contractor that has demonstrated experience handling repairs, holds roofing licences and knows insurance claims processes for your state. Below is a check list to help homeowners in case of an insurance related claim:

  • Confirm the contractor’s physical location and check their business history in your state or region.
  • Check to see if your prospective contractor is in good standing with the BBB and their licenses are current for the work to be performed.
  • Request proof of insurance from all contractors bidding on your project.
  • Request references from your contractor in your area.
  • Check to see if your prospective contractor is in good standing with the supplier of roofing products being suggested for your project.
  • Do select a contractor that is familiar with the Wind Storm Code. The WPI certification may be required by your insurance company after the roof has been completed for you to continue your coverage.
  • Avoid selecting a general contractor for a roofing project. Unskilled workers are not qualified to replace or repair your roof.
  • Dont let them work with your deductible. You lose control and any leverage in the event that there is a problem, they are free to do as they please on your roof and that is not going to be in your best interest.
  • Dont pay for work in advance of the project. There may be a deposit required to initiate work (especially for custom projects requiring specialty products), but typically will not exceed 10% of the total project estimate if charged at all. A reputable company will offer payment schedule based on project milestones.
  • Confirm that your project will have a forman or supervisors are being utilized for quality control. They are in place to assure that the job is being installed to manufacturers specification and according to what you and the estimator agreed upon.

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