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Green roof yielding benefits for Ford Leonardo ENERGY

POSTED BY   /  1 Март, 2015  

green-roof-yielding-benefits-for-ford-leonardo_2 Your rating: None Covering just over 138,000 square meters, the green roof at the Ford Rouge Centre Complex was named largest green roof in the world by Guiness Book of World Records in 2004. The facility, near Dearborn, Michigan, manufactures..
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Green Roofs For Healthy Cities — Business World Magazine Business World Magazine

POSTED BY   /  1 Март, 2015  

green-roofs-for-healthy-cities-business-world_2 Click to view E-Magazine Everything Under One (Green) Roof A conversation with Steven W. Peck, founder and president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Green Roofs for Healthy Cities founder Steven W. Peck was first turned on to the concept..
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Penn State Institutes of the Environment Green Roof Research project studies storm water absorbency

POSTED BY   /  26 Февраль, 2015  

penn-state-institutes-of-the-environment-green_1 Green Roof Research project studies storm water absorbency: Penn State-EPA partnership investigating effectiveness of green roofs in reducing storm water runoff and pollutant loads April 7, 2006 One of the most interesting storm water control systems under evaluation by EPA..
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Roof Gardens Under Construction

POSTED BY   /  17 Февраль, 2015  

roof-gardens-under-construction_2 Image from Chicago's Green Rooftops: A Guide to Rooftop Gardening We would like to include green roof/roof garden options on the site at Luck Ave. and 5th St. In order to recommend a roof garden, we needed to understand the..
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Benefits of Green Roofs, Walls and Facades

POSTED BY   /  4 Февраль, 2015  

benefits-of-green-roofs-walls-and-facades_2 Benefits of Green Roofs, Walls and Facades Image from Fytogreen. This is Fytogreen’s vertical garden project in 1 Blight St, Sydney. Winter is coming to Australia and with the cold weather comes heating costs. However, heating costs may soon be..
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Roof Insulation and Reflectivity Cut Costs

POSTED BY   /  1 Февраль, 2015  

roof-insulation-and-reflectivity-cut-costs_1 Proper roof design and maintenance can lower operating expenses There are two ways in which roof designs can directly impact operating costs: the insulating value of the roof system and the reflectivity of the roof surface. Minimizing heat loss from..
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LiveRoof® China, In — Crowdfunding for Small Businesses

POSTED BY   /  30 Январь, 2015  

liveroof-china-in-crowdfunding-for-small_2 The World’s only Patented Hybrid Green Roof Solution now available to address China’s air quality issues. we need your help! C hina is on the verge of a Green Roof Revolution! Li veRoof® China, Inc. was formed to be the..
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City of Seattle wants more eco-friendly 'green roofs' -

POSTED BY   /  26 Январь, 2015  

city-of-seattle-wants-more-eco-friendly-039-green_1 Page 1 of 1 Perched 18 floors above Madison Street is a rooftop oasis. Capping the M Street Apartments are beds of crimson and tan grasses, corrugated metal tubs that hold still-green tomatoes and basil, and a woodchip-lined dog run...
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Roof Guardrail Systems Fall Protection Handrails & Safety Rails — Dakota Safety

POSTED BY   /  21 Январь, 2015  

roof-guardrail-systems-fall-protection-handrails_1 Manufacturing Facility, Minneapolis MN Architectural Series, Camp Withycombe, WA Dakota Safety specializes in solving fall protection situations using a passive fall protection guardrail system. Non-penetrating guardrail systems provide roof edge protection without penetrating the roof or floor surface. Moreover some..
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Recommended Readings

POSTED BY   /  15 Январь, 2015  

recommended-readings_1 The NRCA Green Roof Systems Manual 2007 Edition A green roofing resource By James R. Kirby, AIA Graphics Courtesy Professional Roofing Magazine Publishers Note: This article was originally printed in the April 2008 issue of Professional Roofing Magazine, published by..
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