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Shingle Roofing Resource Guide on Types, Installation & Maintenance

POSTED BY   /  4 Апрель, 2015  

re-roofing-architectural-shingles-over_8 Take a look at any home and chances are, there is a shingle roof on top of it. Shingles are the most popular material for finishing a house due to its ability to withstand weather conditions and insulate a home...
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HTM high thermal mass log purlin roof deck and insulation details

POSTED BY   /  17 Март, 2015  

htm-high-thermal-mass-log-purlin-roof-deck-and_1 with log purlins and a vented cold roof SIPS panel design Passive solar roof details do not have to be unique, but cold vented roof design with vented SIPS panels and layered insulation is a natural with log purlins. A..
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The Top 10 Reasons to Install a Metal Roof in 2010 — Green Talk®

POSTED BY   /  13 Март, 2015  

pros-and-cons-of-metal-roof-shingles-metal-roof_1 May 24, 2010 By: Anna@Green Talk 9 Comments Welcome guest poster, Marcy Tate. Metal roofing is one of the greenest roofing choices available in the US. Metal roofing is becoming more popular as more homeowners realize the amazing energy-saving benefits they..
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The Roof — Check out our carpet and disaster recovery tips!

POSTED BY   /  3 Март, 2015  

the-roof-check-out-our-carpet-and-disaster_1 Safety Tip Tile and slate roofs are extremely slippery, and the materials can break easily. Metal and plastic roofs also tend to be slippery. If your house has one of these out-of-the-ordinary roofs, it’s best to leave inspection and repairs..
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Roofing Questions Answers Shingling New Roofs Re-Roofing

POSTED BY   /  5 Февраль, 2015  

roof-replacement-housecheck_2 Tips for Determining if You Need a Roof Reshingled, How Much it Will Cost, and Where to Find Reputable Roofing Contractors How long is my asphalt shingle roof expected to last? It depends upon the type of shingles installed, how..
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Metal Roofing Pros and Cons — Publications by New England Metal Roof

POSTED BY   /  13 Январь, 2015  

metal-roofing-pros-and-cons-publications-by-new_2 Let me guess, you have a wonderful home, but your roof is starting to show some signs of age with perhaps a few roof leaks starting to develop here and there. Lets face it, your roof is your first and..
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Religious Tradition and Modern Architecture Sustainable Cities Collective

POSTED BY   /  11 Январь, 2015  

religious-tradition-and-modern-architecture_2 Curly willow, myrtle, and palm fronds in the “Tension Release” sukkah, Sukkot at the Ranch 2014 / Yoshi Silverstein “On the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when you have gathered in the harvest of your land, you shall observe..
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Split Decision Re-Roof or Repair Remodeling

POSTED BY   /  4 Январь, 2015  

sealing-your-deck-to-act-as-roof-for-below-area_4 Earlier this year, Spencer Tait, general manager of Taitco. in Moorestown, N.J. went on a roofing call where he was the fifth contractor to visit but the only one to suggest that the problem — a leak — could be..
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How to Measure Your Roof for Shingles How to Build a House

POSTED BY   /  4 Январь, 2015  

how-to-measure-your-roof-for-shingles-how-to-build_2 You need to replace the old shingles of your roof and it’s important to measure your roof to determine how many shingles youll need. You should know there are several different methods to measuring a roof. How to Take Roof..
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How to Build Roof Trusses, Simple Roof Truss, Building Roof Trusses

POSTED BY   /  3 Январь, 2015  

how-to-build-roof-trusses-simple-roof-truss_3 In this page, we are going to discuss the process of how to build roof trusses. One way to make this process of building roof trusses easier is to start with a detailed sketch of the truss you are constructing...
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