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Grace Ice & Water Shield Membranes Air & Vapour Membranes Concrete

POSTED BY   /  18 Июнь, 2015  

waterproof-roof-coatings-sprayed-roofing-uk_1 Grace Ice & Water Shield Product Information & Usage For more than 25 years, Grace Ice & Water Shield has been recognized as the original and leading self-adhered roofing underlayment. Whatever the roof covering composition is, clay, shingle, metal roofing..
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Synthetic Underlayment, Perm Ratings, and Wood Roofing Shepley Wood Products

POSTED BY   /  17 Июнь, 2015  

Synthetic Underlayment, Perm Ratings, and Wood Roofing By Andrew Senatore Over the past several years synthetic underlayments have become a popular substitute for traditional felts (#15 and #30) in common roofing practices for both asphalt and wood roofing. The use..
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Assembling a Garden Shed Archive Home & Garden Television

POSTED BY   /  16 Июнь, 2015  

hip-roof-shed-plans-steps-for-selecting-the-right_1 E-mail This Page to Your Friends Fix It Up! hosts Pat Simpson and Jodi Marks share tips for putting up a prefabricated garden storage shed. The task should take a couple of days, making it an ideal project for the..
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Atlanta Roofing Tips

POSTED BY   /  15 Июнь, 2015  

slate-roofs-in-atlanta_2 Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Atlanta Roofer Ready to Tackle Roof Repair & Water Damage from Heavy Rains Heavy rains have moved into the Atlanta Area this week and it is unavoidable that hundreds if not thousands of Atlanta Metro residents..
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Do It Yourself Metal Roofing Metal Roofing In Maine

POSTED BY   /  14 Июнь, 2015  

do-it-yourself-metal-roofing-metal-roofing-in_2 Metal Roofing: Benefits & Benefits The metal roof is a choice more and more of roofing materials. Accounts of metal roofing for about 10-14% of all re-roofing jobs in the United States. Metal roofs are more popular in the states..
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Green Buildings 101

POSTED BY   /  9 Июнь, 2015  

green-buildings-101_1 Everyone knows that green building is not about the color of the paint, but no single definition exists to define exactly what makes a building green. Rather, there are multiple elements to consider, and ongoing debate about which should be..
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Chapter 18.04 BUILDING CODE

POSTED BY   /  5 Июнь, 2015  

chapter-18-04-building-code_2 Chapter 18.04 18.04.010 Building Code of the city of Santa Cruz. 18.04.030 Adoption of codes. 18.04.040 Building Code Deletions and modifications. 18.04.050 Permit fees. 18.04.080 Establishment of inspection services. 18.04.090 Duties of the building official Reports and records. 18.04.100 Building..
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Replacing a Roof RAND Engineering Architecture, DPC

POSTED BY   /  31 Май, 2015  

green-roof-fact-sheet-rand-engineering_1 By Stephen Varone. AIA and Peter Varsalona. PE The board of our six-story cooperative recently called in two contractors to look at our roof, which has needed replacing for some time. The first contractor recommended what he called a hot-mopped..
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BSI-051 Decks—Roofs You Can Walk On Building Science Information

POSTED BY   /  25 Май, 2015  

Decks are disarmingly simple. The ones we are going to deal with have conditioned space under them. They are nothing more than roofs that you walk on. But we tend to mess them up royally. Perhaps it is because we..
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Green Building Costs

POSTED BY   /  23 Май, 2015  

green-building-costs_2 The misconception that the costs of green design, construction, and certification are prohibitive stands as one of the greatest barriers to the adoption of sustainable development. However, numerous studies and reports have demonstrated that though green buildings may incur initial..
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