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faqs_2 Prior to the 20th Century, most people used either stone or clay to build the walls of their home. Stone was preferred because of its durability, but if it was not locally available, clay (mud) served instead. Stone was more readily available in the north..
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The Features of Sedum Roof Talk Roof

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the-features-of-sedum-roof-talk-roof_1 It is important to instructing yourself about roof prior to getting any repair works done to your home. Learn more this interesting short article for numerous support with finding the best choices and considering your alternatives. You will comprehend a..
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Vancouver Gutter Repair, Gutter Replacement & Cleaning Services (604) 851-2911

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Gutter Medic™ developed the no-clog gutter guard system in order to eliminate the need for gutter cleaning. The Gutter Grate™ filters out leaves and debris thus eliminating the need for you, as a homeowner, to have to climb your ladder..
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Cost of Shingles V Roof eHow

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asphalt-roofing-shingles-101_3 Shingles Homeowners can choose a variety of shingle materials if they prefer to shingle their homes—from traditional asphalt to newer composite shingles designed to last longer. Fiberglass shingles have better fire protection, but shingles designed with reflective granules can help..
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Types of Metal Roofs for Homes eHow

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information-on-standing-seam-metal-roofs-ehow_2 Materials Steel is the most common material used in metal roofing—it’s also one of the most affordable. Aluminum roofs are much more expensive, but may also be more durable in certain applications. Copper is the most expensive option for metal..
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How Not to Paint a Tin Roof

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how-not-to-paint-a-tin-roof_1 How Not to Paint a Tin Roof Michael Hillman Being raised in suburbia, the very idea that tin roofs still existed, let alone that I would ever own a home with one, was completely foreign to me. My naivetй of..
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sustainable-cedar-roofing-affordable-quality_5 How to paint a Metal — Tin Roof by HB Sat Aug 18, 2007 6:56 pm Ok — here it goes. Our house has a raised seam metal roof. When we bought it it needed to be painted. I decided..
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Residential Metal Roof Pros and Cons eHow

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new-jersey-roofing-contractor-anchor-roofing_3 Low Maintenance Metal roofs are extremely durable and very heat resistant, which makes them safe in areas where fire is a possibility. They do not tend to develop problems with wear due to wind or rain like shingles can, and..
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Green Roofs for Suburban Homes

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green-roofs-for-suburban-homes_2 Quick Links Most people spend time and money trying to remove moss and vegetation from the roofs of their homes. They do so because they consider it to be dirty and ugly, and because it adds weight to the roof...
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Historic Roofing An Overview

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about-roofing-slates-national-slate-association_2 Historic Roofing: An Overview Roofing can be one of the most challenging elements of your historic house. Especially here in Florida the roof bears the brunt of the suns wrath. Hitting temps well over 140° in the summer and suffering..
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