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Insulate the roof with Ceramic Insulating Roof paint

POSTED BY   /  12 Октябрь, 2015  

insulating-roof-paint_21 Insulating Roof Paint — Cool Coatings Elastomeric Roof Paints Insul Cool-Coat #2000 For any sloped roof with good water runoff. Roof Guard #2050 Designed for flat roofs that are prone to ponding water. Permacoat Plus #2100 Any roof, sloped or..
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Roofing Service Manager Estimator

POSTED BY   /  2 Октябрь, 2015  

roofing-service-manager-estimator_11 Roofing Service Manager/ Estimator (Rockland County) compensation: TBD JOB TITLE: SERVICE MANAGER Role of this Position: The role of the Service Center Manager at Company Headquarters is to direct and manage the service technicians to promptly and effectively address customer..
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Help! Squirrels are eating my roof jacks! — Your Houston News Handyman

POSTED BY   /  2 Октябрь, 2015  

Related Content HANDYWOMAN TIP Tyler Candle Company makes a great candle. They also make a car freshener that just hangs up in the car and totally can make you car smell yummy. And if you have a closet that smells..
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The Roof Gardens Club, Kensington

POSTED BY   /  29 Сентябрь, 2015  

londons-green-roof-policy_1 The Roof Gardens Club Review The Roof Gardens Club is featured in these Guides: Best for: Finding out about undiscovered musical talents in unique surroundings. Great: For impressing a date, or a great night out with a group of friends...
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Seal roof seams

POSTED BY   /  24 Сентябрь, 2015  

standing-seam-roof-installation-details-costs-for_1 Seal roof seams Another maintenance item, were supposed to get some rain finally here, so decided I needed to address existing & potential leaks. I have had some water penetration, drips out the bottom of front corner trim. Couldn’t figure..
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How to Build a Porch Roof on Top of Vinyl Siding

POSTED BY   /  18 Сентябрь, 2015  

diy-roof-tiling-tips-ehow_2 Building a porch roof is a complex and ambitious project that should not be taken lightly. Make sure to follow the steps below and consult a building inspector if there are any questions about permits or porch roof designs that..
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Schools paying millions too much for new roofs — SFGate

POSTED BY   /  17 Сентябрь, 2015  

storm-damage-roof-doctor-roof-repair-and-ice-damn_4 California public school districts are spending too much annually to replace or repair hundreds of school roofs by employing a practice that restricts cost-saving competitive bidding and makes taxpayers pay up to double what they otherwise would spend, an investigation..
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The Brilliant Economics of Green Buildings — Forbes

POSTED BY   /  14 Сентябрь, 2015  

the-brilliant-economics-of-green-buildings-forbes_1 Say what you will about the benefits of clean energy or the costs of pollution, the jury has returned an unambiguous verdict on the greening of the commercial real-estate market. The niche has become mainstream. Anyone who says green buildings...
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SafePro Roof Top Fall Protection, Safety, Security, OSHACAL OSHA Compliance

POSTED BY   /  8 Сентябрь, 2015  

What is Your Time Worth? SafeGuard SafeGuard serves as a temporary hazard barrace during rooftop construction or for long term applications. Blasted, Non-Penetrating Steel Bases are built to last and will not void existing rooftop warranty. SafeGuard can be configured..
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30 Roof Garden Ideas For Your Designer Home — Aha Daily

POSTED BY   /  6 Сентябрь, 2015  

roof-framing-simplified-eng-do-it_2 Roof garden designs are the latest craze among house-owners who want their homes to stand a class apart from the rest. Roof gardens are an especially popular addition to a designer home. At a time when spacious homes are few..
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