Alloa, Stirling and Falkirk Double Glazing Conservatory Repairs


5 year guarantee on replacement double glazed sealed units*

5 year guarantee on replacement woodgrain door panels*

10 year guarantee on a full roof replacement

10 year guarantee on new frame replacements

Common Double Glazed Conservatory Repairs

Above are the most common repairs carried out to double glazed conservatories, there may be instances due to the age of the conservatories where the original parts are obsolete i.e. they are no longer manufactured. In these instances Windor Repairs will endeavour to use more up to date and compatible parts to enable your existing conservatory windows, doors and roof to operate properly confirming Windor Repairs commitment to upgrade our customers existing double glazed products at every opportunity.

Woodgrain Double Glazed Conservatory Repairs

If you have a Woodgrain UPVC or Aluminium double glazed conservatory and you have just had an accident resulting in a scratch or chip in your conservatory frames. Don’t Fret! Windor Repair Engineers carry a repair kit comprising of different coloured waxes specifically designed to carry out repairs on scratched or chipped mahogany, rosewood or oak frames to an almost invisible standard.

Did You Know?

With the exception of double glazed glass units, door panels and polycarbonate sheets there is an 80% probability that Windor Repairs because of the hundreds of spare parts carried within each of our engineers vans are able to carry out a successful repair there and then "on the spot." The huge benefit being for you "the customer" is you won’t have the inconvenience of setting aside a morning, afternoon or evening for a purpose of a second visit.

Double Glazed Conservatory Refurbishments

Is your double glazed conservatory, because of its age looking old or tired or just simply uneconomical to repair? Then why not just replace the double glazed window, door and roof frames with a more up to date and energy efficient product whilst retaining your original base which could be power washed, re-roughcast or painted to give the appearance of a totally new double glazed conservatory.

Additionally there would be no planning issues if the design was to remain the same, again these works could be carried out with considerable savings on a completely new double glazed conservatory.

Windor would like to reiterate at this point that they are first and foremost a double glazing repair and refurbishment company, but have found with older conservatories particularly double glazed conservatory roofs due to old age, inferior designs and the unavailability of spare parts have on occasions been unable to carry out a successful repairs, however in these circumstances Windor would be prepared to quote for the supply and fitting of a new roof rather than leave the customer with an un-repairable option.

Conservatory too hot in summer too cold in winter

Why does this happen?

Conservatories need some protection from the harsh glare of the sun and a means to allow the temperature to cool down. In many conservatories, there are no curtains, and the reflective nature of the PVC, windows and floors can exacerbate the situation. Therefore, avoid reflective surfaces where possible, and provide shading where you can.

During Winter, the same factors cause a very different problem. Without curtains or soft furnishings to keep the heat in, it can be difficult to retain what heat may be present in the conservatory area. The easiest answer to providing an effective and economic solution is to call Windor Repairs, who will be able to fit your conservatory with the appropriate materials to give you an all-year-round living space, no matter what the weather.

Windor Repairs offer Solek gold or silver inserts which can be retrospectively fitted to your existing polycarbonate conservatory roof panels which will significantly lower the temperature within your existing conservatory with the added benefits of removing harmful UV Rays which fade conservatory furniture and also save you the cost of expensive roof blinds.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Windor Double Glazing Repairs

  • Over 80% of double glazing repair jobs completed on first visit
  • No Call out Charge
  • No Salesman, just an experienced double glazing repair engineer to fix your problem
  • All types of Double Glazing repaired — any manufacturer, any age
  • We refurbish, saving you having to replace your double glazing

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