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Benefits of Using Corrugated Plastic As Roofing Sheets - Home - Home Repair

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Making the decision to use corrugated plastic as roofing sheets is one that affects commercial property owners and homeowners alike. Interestingly, there are many reasons that this material is becoming trendy, and it is likely to increase in popularity as time goes on because of its benefits. In order to get a better idea of why you should use corrugated plastic roofing sheets instead of metal, tile or traditional shingles, stay tuned.

A splash of color

One of the most appealing aspects of corrugated plastic roofing sheets are the vivid shades that it comes in. Anyone that wants to add curb appeal to a rather unpleasant looking piece of property can instantly do it by changing the color of the roof. Instead of traditional reds, browns and other neutral shades, you can find almost any color that you like when it comes to corrugated plastic roof materials.

Let the sunshine in

Are you looking for ways to create a more sustainable property? Corrugated plastic roofing can facilitate these goals in a couple of different ways. First of all, you can use semi-translucent corrugated roofing materials to create a skylight. This will allow you to have light in your home without needing to turn the electricity on. You can also use the same kind of clear corrugated roofing plastic to turn the roof of an entire room into skylight also.

Water flow is encouraged

Do you have issues with water pooling on your roof? If this is a reoccurring problem, corrugated roofing materials will definitely create a solution. Due to the corrugated shape of the materials, water is repelled by the plastic and compelled to go into the gutters. All of the raw edges on a corrugated roof are completely sealed. In addition, flashing is installed to insure your roof is watertight.

Lower long-term maintenance costs

With a traditional style of roof, you still need to have a contractor come out and clean it each year. The nice thing about corrugated plastic roofing is that this material is extremely easy to keep spotless. Instead of worrying about damaging the roof with pressure washing, a simple garden hose is usually enough to keep any corrugated plastic roof sparkling.

Benefits of Using Corrugated Plastic As Roofing Sheets - Home - Home Repair

Are there any disadvantages for a plastic corrugated roof?

When most people say they have had negative experiences with a corrugated roof, they are thinking about the metal ones. For this reason, you may have heard that corrugated roof is going to be noisy when it rains. However, this is hardly the case when the corrugated roof is plastic. Other myths that are associated with corrugated plastic roofs are that they will not give you any insulation. Thankfully, the latest technology ensures that this is one roofing solution they you will not regret. To ensure you have the maximum benefits, consult with a roofing contractor to select plastic with built-in insulating properties and UV protection.

Low short-term prices

One of the most appealing things about plastic corrugated roofing materials is the price. Because it is an economical choice in the long-term and short-term, many property owners are making the decision to convert the roof to corrugated plastic. One final selling point is that this material withstands harsh weather conditions with ease, and that makes it a favorite of insurance companies.

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